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Contractors: How to Work with a Recruitment Agency

There are a number of ways to work as a contractor, with the two most popular being to either work through an agency, or go direct with a client. Whilst it can be said that there are positive and...

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The Middle East: What do Employers Look for?

In the next part of his Employment in the Middle East series, Global Operations Manager, Adam O’Donnell discusses what employers look for in an expatriate candidate.  I have received...

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Global Expansion – Finding the Balance

In an increasingly globalized economy, businesses are looking for the opportunity to increase their revenues by expanding in to overseas markets. At the same time, it is important for most businesses...

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Five Things to Never do in an Interview

Even if you find interviews exciting, they can also be somewhat nerve-racking given how much weight they hold in the job search process. A good interview is the best way to get more doors open, but...

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