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Application Forms: Are You Getting Them Right?

For many application forms are often seen as an inconvenience and there are arguments to suggest that they can deter good candidates from applying to a position. However, application forms can also...

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Interview Tips For Graduates

First Impressions Count It is estimated that around 75% of interviews fail within the first few minutes of you entering the room. Poor body language, lack of eye contact and a weak handshake are...

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Improving Your Career Prospects: Graduates

Improving Your Career Prospects: Graduates Today’s job market is highly competitive with more and more graduates entering the employment market. From a recent study by High Fliers it is...

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Infographic: Running Late!

Running Late For A Job Interview?  Being late for a job interview is more than likely going to have a negative impact of your potential employer's impression of you. Even if you complete...

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