3 better ways to use LinkedIn to find your dream job…

LinkedIn is fast becoming one of the main marketplaces for job seekers and recruiters, with over 500 million users and 11 million job listings in 2018.

In fact, 94% of recruiters said they use LinkedIn to vet candidates, so it’s important to make sure you are using LinkedIn to its full capability.

So, where do you start?


                   1. Your profile

It’s important to take your time to complete your profile fully, the more your profile is complete, the more likely you will be found by a recruiter.

Similar to your CV, your profile should include all your relevant skills, experience and past employment. However, unlike your CV, LinkedIn offers some great features such as the ability to upload past work, presentations and videos. By doing this you will stand out from the crowd and make your profile far more engaging!

LinkedIn also allows you to set your profile to ‘open to opportunities’ which allows you to privately communicate to recruiters and hiring managers that you are open to job opportunities.

But don’t forget… updating your profile on a regular basis is key! You will more likely be found by recruiters and companies by having your most up to date role, location, skills and experience.


                   2. Connect, connect, connect

The more connections you have, the bigger your network and the higher you will appear in search results, simple!

LinkedIn grades connections based on degrees, 1st, 2ndand 3rd. A 1stdegree connection is someone you are directly connected to, this means you are able to view their profile and contact them directly through the message feature. 2nddegree connections, are people who are connected to your 1stdegree connection and 3rddegree connections are people who are connected to your 2nddegree connections.

But Don’t forget… it’s important to make connections with people you know and people in your industry, don’t just add/accept everyone.


                   3. Finding the perfect job

With 11 million job listings the job search feature is invaluable! LinkedIn allows you to define your search by keywords, locations, experience level, company and industry. You are also able to save your searches and set up email updates about relevant job vacancies, so you will never miss a job listing again.

Many companies and recruitment agencies post their vacancies on their LinkedIn, so it’s also important to follow them to receive regular updates on who has left the company, who has joined and if they have any current job posts.


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Posted by Leanne Gilson-McGrath