Choosing the Right Workforce Management Partner for your Location

International business’ that utilise contract workers need people to be mobilised into all sorts of weird and wonderful locations and often at short notice.  How do you go about doing that?  Normally you will use a workforce management company. If you haven’t heard of workforce management, check out our recent Workforce Management Guide which runs through everything you need to know.

To save you a lot of time it’s good to know which locations a workforce management company can support you in. The answer should be simple, they should be able to support you everywhere. 

An experienced partner will have a wide network of solutions that will allow you to have confidence that they can mobilise your workers to where you need them and when.  Alternatively, look for several partners that perhaps have a regional rather than global network.    

The Price of Workforce Management based on Location

In the world of international payroll there is no one size fits all solution. Each and every country has different regulations relating to items such as visas, taxes and compliance.  With that in mind, the solution (and the associated costs) will be different every time.

But that’s ok, just make sure that your partner is providing you accurate information.  You need to be sure that they know what they are doing so make sure they can give you as much detail about the solution as possible.    

A lot will depend on work permit requirements.  If a work permit / visa is required your workers will need to be paid locally. Being paid locally means salaries are subjected to local tax and this can vary hugely from country to country.  An experienced workforce management company can provide advice on all of this and advise the most cost effective yet compliant solutions.  Most importantly, you will need to factor the local tax in when you are agreeing rates with your workers and putting budgets together.   

To finish this off though, the aim of this blog is obviously for us to demonstrate to you where Leap29 can support you.  I know, a bit of a shameless plug which my marketing team will tell me is a big no no but hey, we are good at what we do, and we should blow our own trumpet every now and again right?

Have a look at the graphic below, this demonstrates the locations that we have had contractors.  This isn’t an exhaustive list of locations that we can support you in so if there is another location you would like to discuss please get in contact with us by email on or by phone +44 1625 537 555.

Placement Map - Version 13

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