Functional CV: Pros & Cons

Functional CV Pros and Cons

A "Functional CV" is very much a skills orientated CV this enables the candidate to fully utilise and focus on transferable skills when moving into a new role. 

It is important to recognise your current skills and experience and ensure you sell these when looking at other career paths. 

When writing a Functional CV it is important to focus purely on relevant skills and experience. 

Consider competencies that employer look for such as Time Management, Organisational Skills, Communication, Leadership and Results Orientation it is important that transferable skills are able to meet a competency in this area. 


  • Career Change- Shows and focuses purely on transferable skills 
  • You have gaps in your CV 
  • You have been a freelancer and had a lot of jobs and want to describe experience you have 
  • You may want to highlight skills gained or utilised in previous roles but not in current job 


  • Unusual format- Employers may not be comfortable 
  • You may miss out on some other key information- e.g. Promotions at work will be on other page and not immediately noticeable 
  • Employers may feel you are trying to hide information.