How To Be The Only Name On The Hiring List

Before you enter the interview room, you are just another name on the list.

Make sure by the time you come out, yours is the only name on it. 

Part two of our interview special feature looks at the top tips for interview success brought to you by our specialist consultants. See below to find out more!

1. Research

Leap29 include company information to help you prepare you for your interview giving you a better understanding of the company and the work involved. However, you may find that digging a little deeper boosts your confidence and demonstrates to the interviewer that you are interested in their team and the opportunity ahead. 

2. Preparation

Make sure that you know exactly where the interview will take place, and the name and position of the interviewer. Have the telephone number of the company handy so that you can let them know if you are running late; this is generally forgiven - unannounced lateness isn't. If possible, find out how long the interview will take and arrange other appointments accordingly. 

3. Dress to Impress

People shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but it happens all the same! And that's how you'll be remembered. Always wear business attire. Even if you are attending a second interview and you know the organisation allows less formal, maintain a professional approach, as you never know who you may be meeting. 

4. Quiz Yourself

"Why are you interested in this position?" "What are your strengths?" Where do you think your weaknesses lie?" "Why do you think we should give you the job?" "Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years time?" Learn them; prepare to answer them and practice!

5. Be Assertive Not Aggressive

Find the right tone in which to present your positive aspects. You have to talk about your achievements to show you are the right person, but do it without being boastful. And remember, running down your current employer is viewed as negative. 

6. Turn Weakness Into Strengths

Don't pretend you haven't got any weaknesses, discuss them as though you have recognised them and strive to overcome them. "I used to have bad time management so now I prioritise my workload first thing every morning".

7. Intelligent Questions

It is likely that you will be asked if you have any questions. Don't miss out on this opportunity! "What is logical progression within the position?" "Where can I expect to be if my performance is good?" "What is the future plans for the company and department?" "What are the major reasons why someone should join this company?"

8. Positive Attitude

Always go in with the intention of getting an offer, only then do you really have the chance to weigh up how this opportunity compares with others. Don't let yourself be in this 'if only' category. 

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