How to make your move to Dubai smooth and easy

Relocating to a new country can be quite daunting- with the list of things which must be checked off being seemingly endless. When it comes to Dubai, things can become even more difficult owing to the vastly different lifestyle that the city has to offer, with additional challenged such as a new language to learn if you are moving from countries such as America, Canada, the UK or Australia.

However, Dubai is a place which has loads to offer and while the move may have its challenges, in the long-run most Expats end up loving their new life. For those who have decided to make the move, there are numerous things which must be taken care of and prepared for, making it easy to miss something important. Here’s how you can ensure that doesn’t happen.

Research properly

You may have gotten a fantastic job offer from a company based in Dubai, asking you to relocate and work in the city. The money they are offering may be much greater than what you are earning now and the prospect of moving to Dubai is exciting, thinking of how your life can change with the additional amount that you will now be earning. While many know that taxes are negligible in Dubai, something which attracts many to the bustling city, it is important to do appropriate research and find out what expenses you are expected to meet and how much they cost.

The cost of housing, food, education, transport and health are quite different from the Western countries; so, looking into these and knowing how much you will be spending monthly, based on the number of people who are dependent on your income is essential.

Try and get a job before entering Dubai

There is a general misconception which exists amongst Westerners about life in Dubai- with most thinking that it is a life of luxury and enjoyment. While there are several ways to entertain yourself, there are a proper set of laws and regulations in place, ones which are followed quite diligently. Owing to this, you may be entering Dubai on a visit visa, but this doesn’t mean that you can stay there indefinitely. Finding a job in Dubai is more difficult than people make it out to be and if you don’t have money, living in Dubai can easily become a nightmare.

On the other hand, if you have secured a job in Dubai, you can easily apply for a work visa which gives you flexibility when it comes to the length of your stay thus allowing you to get settled in properly, without worrying about money. There are numerous visas which you can apply for, with each having different prerequisites. To know which one matches your needs most accurately, read this guide on moving from the USA to Dubai.

Figure out your accommodation before making the move

Another issue which people have mostly when moving to Dubai is accommodation. Many aren’t aware that when you rent out a place in Dubai, the contract is mostly for at least a year, with many landlords expecting rent to be paid in one go for the entire year, or in four installments. While the alternative- paying rent monthly is also available, people might not have a clear understanding with their landlord prior to their move. Worse, they might move to Dubai without proper living arrangements and once they get there, might not be able to find an adequate home for themselves.

Good accommodation can be hard to find in Dubai sometimes, so you can’t really leave this for the last minute. Instead, getting in touch with real estate agents and figuring out where you will be living is necessary to ensure that you aren’t faced with any major issues when you reach Dubai. Services like Bayut are great for discovering properties online..

Know the laws in Dubai

Another thing which can really help in smoothening out your move to Dubai is adequate knowledge of the rules and regulations which are followed in Dubai.

As the UAE is a Muslim state governed by Sharia Law, it is important to be aware of local customs and regulations before you visit Dubai. Although Dubai is a progressive city, it’s still important to be respectful and considerate of the laws.

It is also important to be aware of the holy month of Ramadan. During this time, we would recommend avoiding eating and drinking in public, refrain from playing loud music in public and take extra care to dress respectfully. By educating yourself when it comes to life in Dubai, it will allow you to live a free and significantly enjoyable life in Dubai.


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