Launching A Career In Sustainable Technology

Since 2004, the world has invested a ground-breaking $2.9 trillion in green energy sources, but that figure is expected to grow much higher as more countries move towards renewable energy. The recent boom in sustainability is good news for college graduates looking to launch a career in renewable energy, as companies are scrambling to keep up with the demands of an industry that relies on quickly-changing technology. Put simply, emerging talent in the sustainable tech sector benefit from the wide prevalence of jobs in an innovative and financially lucrative workplace.

Entering The Sustainable Workforce

Once you begin applying to jobs in renewable energy, you should budget for time where you may be unemployed or underemployed before securing full time employment. The first step is to get your finances in order: often, gigs like tutoring and freelance tech work are good options to hold you over until you secure full time employment. You can also use this time as an opportunity to stay up-to-date with any relevant changes in sustainable tech that could impact your field. Attending conferences for renewable energy and liaising with experts in the field is a good way to network, but sometimes simply researching your target company and staying informed on new topics is sufficient for landing a job in tech, particularly once you reach the interview stage of an application process.

Green Tech Innovations

Sustainable tech is the perfect combination for graduates looking to merge their STEM skills with a job that helps protect the environment. The industry is growing rapidly: one estimate, for instance, found that the price of solar panels has decreased by 86% since 2009, leading to a surge in jobs for solar heating. Moreover, the world of tech has largely embraced trends in sustainability, with many companies making technology products with a sustainable focus. Emerging research suggests that as many as 70% of wearable tech companies fulfil one of the UN’s criteria for sustainable development goals (SDGs). Globally, IoT is combatting humanitarian issues through a range of green devices, with everything from solar panel smartphone chargers to mercury-free computer screens.

A Lucrative Workplace

There’s a lot of job perks related to working in sustainable technology. Tech careers are ranked among the highest for early retirement and boast some of the highest rates of employee satisfaction in any industry. They also pay well: in some cases, working in green technology will offer graduates the chance to work on exciting and lucrative start-up companies before they reach the mainstream. Many tech firms also lure in new talent by employing a “business casual” dress code, offering wellness packages and utilizing open-room office spaces to create a non-traditional workplace centred on collaboration.

Sustainable energies are quickly emerging as one of the biggest new sectors for college graduates, and with good reason. Newcomers to the workforce in green tech can look forward to some of the most innovative and satisfying careers on the market, all while helping business and individuals embrace green energy.