Leap29 Does LinkedIn's Talent Intelligence Summit

Leap29 were delighted to be invited to LinkedIn’s Talent Intelligence Summit last week at London’s Tobacco Docks, a highly engaging event with exceptional insights into the future of work and talent demands. The focus of the day was based largely around AI, automation, machine learning and change delivery, I would be lying if I didn’t say I started the day worrying that computers will take over the world but after realising that we are not in a Sci-Fi movie and from listening to the inspirational guest speakers I could see how this growth in insights and data linked with a recruiters instincts could revolutionise the world of recruitment.

Experts from within the LinkedIn team Dan Shapero, Dan Addison, John Jersin, Eric Owski & Melissa Furse spoke to us about the evolving landscape of European Recruitment, Talent Intelligence and the increasing demand for AI and automation across almost every industry. After blowing us away with their amazing insights LinkedIn announced the launch of their latest product – Talent Insights which will allow recruiters the opportunity to utilise the incredible amount data within the LinkedIn network to create a world of truly intelligent recruiting!

TopBot CMO, Adelyn Zhou, a technology leader in Artificial Intelligence spoke to us about machine learning, we saw the journey of AI, starting with computers unable to beat Chess champions but quickly become more intelligent using machine learning to becoming unbeatable at some of the most complex games. Will there ever be any limits to machine learning?

I particularly enjoyed listening to Marcus Sawyerr, President of the Adecco Group and how they are already using AI to power the future workforce. Highlighting a concerning statistic that up to 30% of jobs are at risk of being replaced by automation, Marcus raised awareness on the importance of being informed and prepared for the future workforce needs and how certain roles will be effected by AI whilst others amplified.

It wasn’t all about AI and computers taking over the world! We also heard a very passionate talk from Esther O’Callaghan OBE from OPERA Global Youth Foundation, Esther highlighted the need to build skills for our youth generation and the work OPERA have done to help venerable young people to gain new skills and tackle unemployment. A foundation like OPERA is critical to help fill the skills gap and talent shortage we can be facing with such a rapidly evolving workforce.

My nine year old son is obsessed with coding, he became passionate about this from ICT classes at school and an external coding club he attends to learn to write code and build games and bots so listening to Kathryn Parsons the Co-CEO of Decoded talk about coding and how in the future we will all need to know how to code was something that really interested me, we need our next generation to move as quickly as the technology is enhancing.

Finally, to top off a fantastic day we were invited to attend the Most Socially Engaged celebration where we collected an award for coming 9th in the Top25 MSE list!

Thank you LinkedIn!