Infographic: Running Late!

Running Late For A Job Interview? 

Being late for a job interview is more than likely going to have a negative impact of your potential employer's impression of you. Even if you complete the perfect interview there is always that first impression that could potential influence your chances of getting the job. 

In an ideal world you should avoid being late at all costs. But if it so happens that you are going to be late, here are some useful tips to get your interview back on track. 

  1. Call the Interviewer in Advance

    If you know that you are running late and won't be able to get to the interview on time, make sure to call your interviewer as early as possible. The more notice that you can give the better. Provide the interviewer with an expected arrival time so they don't feel like they are waiting round all day for you to arrive. If you end up being severely late, don't be shocked if your interview is rescheduled. Be prepared if this happens by having other interview dates and times available. 
  2. Apologise Sincerely

    Acknowledge your mistake and sincerely apologise for being late and making the interviewer wait then respectfully move on. You are fully aware that you are late and so is your interviewer so there is no need to waffle on for several minutes on how much you are opposed to lateness, this will only further highlight your mistake. Remain professional and don't dwell on it there is plenty of time to make up for it. 
  3. Compose Yourself and Refocus

    You have acknowledged your mistake and are ready to move on. First take a moment to gather your thoughts and regroup before the interview starts. The last thing you want is for your lateness to overshadow the entire interview. Shift the focus away from your error and focus on your skills and strengths. 
  4. Never Give Up!

    You have made a mistake, you are only human so don't let it get on top of you. No matter how bad you think the interview is going or how much you think your lateness has affected you, never at any point give up. Keep on pushing for success. Remember that even the best of us make mistakes!

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