Application Forms: Are You Getting Them Right?

For many application forms are often seen as an inconvenience and there are arguments to suggest that they can deter good candidates from applying to a position. However, application forms can also...

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Improving Your Career Prospects: Graduates

Improving Your Career Prospects: Graduates Today’s job market is highly competitive with more and more graduates entering the employment market. From a recent study by High Fliers it is expected...

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Alternative CV: Pros & Cons

Alternative CV is very much a niche and bespoke CV that enables a candidate to demonstrate their creative skills. This is achieved by either using clever wording or an eye catching formats.  In...

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Whats the right CV for you

CV Writing Tips: What's the Right CV for You?

The first thing a future potential employer/recruiter gets to see about us. So it’s got to be good right? Or at least selling you in the best way. Can we all say that?  I think it’s...

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