Most In-Demand IT and Tech Jobs in Singapore 2021

With Singapore’s goal of becoming a leading technology hub for the region, the Government is providing more incentive to support and encourage businesses in Singapore to strengthen their digitalisation plans. Covid-19 pandemic also plays a crucial role in expediting businesses’ digitalisation strategies. According to the Salary Benchmark 2019 report released by Michael Page, the demand for technology jobs in Singapore rose by 20% in the last 12 months. (Link) It is little surprise that tech-related jobs have dominated the list of 2021 most in-demand jobs in Singapore. 

The continuous and relentless wave of Digital Transformation shows no signs of slowing and some buzzwords in the working world seems to be revolving around “reskilling” and “upskilling”. This trend is seen across platforms such as Coursera, Udemy, and Skills Future, where they have been conducting tech-related skills – Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, and Programming.

If you are at the stage of considering whether to pick up a new skill, mid-career switch, or simply looking for a job, here are some of the hottest IT / Tech jobs in Singapore 2021.

1. Cybersecurity Professional

Digital Transformation brings about much convenience and increased efficiency. However, the flip side of this phenomenon is that cybercrimes are happening more often and becoming more complex. In Singapore, cyberattacks saw a 50% increase from 2018 to 2019. Companies who suffer from these cyber threats runs the risks of losing confidential data, having their systems and computer networks paralyzed, and great monetary losses. (Links)

As businesses continue to invest more in networks and systems, cybercrimes are set to be on the rise. In order for companies to safeguard themselves against these threats, cybersecurity professionals are highly sought after for their skills and ability to secure the information systems of organisations.

2. Data Scientist

According to LinkedIn, job openings relating to data scientists grew 17 times from 2013 to 2017, and this trend is expected to be on the rise in future years. (Link) With companies going through rapid digitalisation, the spike in demand for data scientist makes perfect sense. With systems and processes moving online, tremendous volumes of data can be collected and turned into actionable insights when placed in the right hands.

In order to maximise the potential of this mass-mess of data, data scientists are hired to mine, interpret and analyse the information collected. They are able to present data-supported insights, solutions, and recommendations that can aid companies in making more informed business strategies and decisions.

3. Software Developer

One of the most common business strategies in the market currently is the launching of mobile and computer applications. Software development is a “key staple” of any organisation’s future-proofing as businesses adapt their software to the changing needs of their customers and clients. Understandably, the role of software developers is of growing importance, especially in this technological age.

As the job title suggests, software engineers design and develop software and computer programs. The ability to design, build and code is nearly universal. However, individuals in this line of work are required to attend upskilling classes regularly to keep themselves updated on new coding practices and languages. With the help of these skilled individuals, businesses can develop and implement useful applications and software which aim to improve internal processes and resolve clients’ pain points.

4. Full Stack Engineer

There is no question that full stack developers are in high demand and that demand is rising. Today, companies are working with much larger and more complex websites, technologies, and systems. This involves more layered stacks than in the past. Full stack engineers are highly sought after as they are able to understand the full stack involved in the project and avoid miscommunication and knowledge silos. As a result, full stack is a recent hot topic in the market as more companies look to hire such talents. Widely discussed but many still do not have a clear definition of what a full stack engineer does.

A full stack engineer refers to effective and experienced generalists who have a combination of front-end web development and software development skills. They are capable of handling all the works of databases, servers, systems engineering, and clients. In other words, companies can trust them to run a project from start to finish. Refer to the diagram above for a clearer idea of the skills set needed to be a full stack engineer.

5. Cloud Administrator

Cloud solutions are the new frontier of business computing and delivery of software and applications and are rapidly replacing the classical server infrastructure as a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective solution. Instead of investing money into purchasing physical servers in-house, companies now can take up the alternative of renting data storage space from cloud computing providers on a more cost-effective pay-per-use basis.

As a result, demand for talents who have the skills required to handle networking services and applications that support cloud initiatives is on the rise. Cloud Administrators are in charge of developing, configuring, implementing, and managing systems that comprise of underlying cloud platforms. They play an important role in providing technical assistance on windows, cloud-based systems, and resolve operational problems.


In the midst of applying for a job? It is important to keep yourself updated on the latest employment trends in the market. With the necessary market knowledge, you will be able to make better and more informed decisions about which jobs you should be investing your efforts to future-proof your job security.

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