You’ve landed your dream job abroad.. what’s next?

We understand that relocating and working abroad can be a daunting prospect! That’s why our expert team, who have over 18 years’ experience in international recruitment, have put together a list of the key things to consider before you start your dream job abroad.


Applying for a visa can somethings be a lengthy and complicated task. That’s why it’s important to start your visa and work permit application early on. A work visa can be dependent on where you are traveling from, occupation, salary, qualifications, sponsorship and sometimes even language skills.


Insurance is a vital step in protecting yourself from situations that are beyond your control. Which is why we would recommend purchasing an insurance that is based on your occupation abroad, covering your specific requirements along with international medical expenses, travel insurance, life insurance and income protection.


It is important to understand your tax obligations before working in a different country.

Different rules apply in different countries so we would strongly encourage you to look at local official government information to find specific information based on your situation.

For example, if you are a UK resident working abroad, the government offer some helpful advice at



How you greet, dress and approach someone in different countries can make a big difference on your first impression. So before you arrive to your new destination, it’s important to research local culture and etiquettes to make sure you avoid any obvious faux pas.

For example In Russia too much smiling is seen as insincere and in China you should hand your business card over with two hands and in return carefully read theirs.

Simply search the internet for local culture and etiquettes in your chosen destination and you will find some helpful information.

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Posted by Leanne Gilson-McGrath