The East Cheshire Hospice Corporate Challenge

During the month of September, we took part in The East Cheshire Hospice Corporate Challenge, where we competed against local businesses to see who could raise the highest amount of donations. 

After a month full of fundraising events we raised an incredible £1,731 to be used as essential funds at the East Cheshire Hospice.

The East Cheshire Hospice are a local organisation that provide ongoing care for people facing life limiting illness and their family members. However, due to Covid19, their donations have significantly dropped, and they have had to cancelled all of their physical fundraising events for 2020, which brings in a large proportion of their donations.  

To help raise vital funds, they set a ‘Virtual Corporate Challenge’ for all local businesses to see how much they could raise in the month of September.

For the event, we split our company into 3 teams to see who could raise the highest amount. We had a month full of events, including a Games Night organised by team 1, where we all took part in retro game shows, like catchphrase, the big fat ‘Leap29’ quiz of the year, who wants to be a millionaire and challenge ‘Andrea’.

In team 1, they also sold Ricci’s famous homemade curries for Friday treat night throughout September.

Team 2 organised a lotto ball competition with all their friends and family. They also organised an incredible raffle with the support from local businesses, including EST-Ellis Sports Therapy, Therapy Organics, Suburban Green, Adlington School of Golf, Worsley Golf Club, La Turka Monton, Alchemy Personal Trainers, The Forest Distillery, Majestic Wellbeing, David Lloyd Clubs, Nourish and Ted Jacobs barbershop.

Team 3 organised a ‘Challenge or Charge’ event where you challenge someone in the business, if they complete it you donate £5, if they forfeit, they have to donate £5. We’ve had people challenged to a bush tucker trial, to wear a wig to work, dress up as a superhero and my personal favourite, to wear a hotdog suit in the office.

To top the month off, we held a silent auction for an iPad (7th Generation) Wi-Fi 128GB worth over £400 thanks to a contribution from Softcat.

We would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone that showed their support during September. If you would like to find out more about the East Cheshire Hospice, you can visit their website at

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