Leap29 Peaks at 50,000 Followers on LinkedIn

Thank you to each and every one of our 50,000 followers on LinkedIn! We couldn't have done it without you. Since we started our communication on LinkedIn only a few years ago we...

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Alternative CV: Pros & Cons

Alternative CV is very much a niche and bespoke CV that enables a candidate to demonstrate their creative skills. This is achieved by either using clever wording or an eye catching formats.  In...

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Functional CV Pros and Cons

Functional CV: Pros & Cons

A "Functional CV" is very much a skills orientated CV this enables the candidate to fully utilise and focus on transferable skills when moving into a new role.  It is important to...

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Performance CV Pros and Cons

Performance CV: Pros & Cons

A "Performance CV" is perhaps the most common CV used to date by industry professionals. The aim of this CV is to make your career achievements stand out and usually with companies that are...

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Joining the Leap29 Team

We Are Looking for New Talent!

We Are Looking for New Talent! Have you just finished your degree and considering your options as to what to do next? Why not consider joining one of the UK’s top 500 companies and...

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Whats the right CV for you

CV Writing Tips: What's the Right CV for You?

The first thing a future potential employer/recruiter gets to see about us. So it’s got to be good right? Or at least selling you in the best way. Can we all say that?  I think it’s...

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Interview Questions - Part 3

Interview Questions You May Be Asked In this three part series we are going to take a look at some possible interview questions that you may be asked. Before attending an interview you should think...

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How To Be The Only Name On The Hiring List

Before you enter the interview room, you are just another name on the list. Make sure by the time you come out, yours is the only name on it.  Part two of our interview special feature looks...

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Dog Bowl Success for Leap29

Last night a team of of Leap29's finest consultants went up against 7 other recruitment companies in a winner takes all game of bowling hosted by the Dog Bowl, Manchester.   The rules...

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