Project delivery brings demands on resources and the requirement for flexibility and scalability within your workforce; key aspects, which are only deliverable through contractor recruitment. Leap29 provide contract recruitment solutions in 89 countries providing mobilisation, visa and work permit solutions; we will also remove all employer liability. Leap29 assume responsibility and all liability for the worker by engaging them directly on behalf of our clients; providing travel arrangements, managing all taxes, payroll and insurance and where necessary supporting with visa and work permit processing and management above else we will save you time and money.

Leap29 QHSE Tracking & Response team take responsibility for all safety auditing, training and (if required) accident investigation. In the event of an incident occurring, Leap29’s Emergency Response team provide 24-hour global coverage to make the appropriate arrangements for accident inspection, patient care and comprehensive medevac.

Whether you require a technical specialist or a full project team, Leap29 are fully capable of providing a specifically tailored solution to your project needs at very short notice. 

Contract - Contingency Recruitment

Leap29’s contract contingency recruitment solution offers you the flexibility and speed to keep your work on time and in budget. Whether you require one person or a whole team, we have the industry expertise to source the staff needed in the tight timeframes associated with securing contract talent.  Use our flexible, global contractor network that is tried tested and continuously delivers for our clients.

Contract - Project Recruitment

Leap29’s project contract recruitment solution gives you direct access to Leap29’s team of contract specialists who are experienced in large volume hiring. Whether you have a new project starting, entering a new phase or have had a surge in demand we have the expertise you need. 

We understand that as projects progress there is a need to be flexible and our project contract solution allows you to ensure you have the specific staff you need, when you need them. Our Account Manager will liaise with you to ensure our bespoke service fits your needs at all stages of the project lifecycle.

Workforce Management Services

  • 1
    Visa & Work Permits
  • 2
    In-Country Taxation & Advice
  • 3
    Online Timesheets & Payroll
  • 4
    Travel & Accommodation
  • 5
    Background Checks
  • 6
    Health Insurance / Medical Evacuation
  • 7
    Safety & Emergency Contact

Leap29 have retained the services of immigration specialists who coordinate with our global mobility team to arrange all legislative and logistical details for the employees working in country. This mean we are able to obtain visas in the minimum time possible.

Our in-country partners assist with all relevant arrangements for local taxes where applicable. This advice and direction is there to ensure you have the most effective compliant tax solution in place.

Leap29 operate an online timesheet system, which makes paperwork submittal and multi-currency payment fast and effective. 

Leap29 will assist in the scheduling of appropriate travel when required. In the instance where accommodation is not provided on assignment, Leap29 will assist sourcing suitable housing.

Leap29 are highly experienced in conducting these checks and will ensure you have all the information you require to be fully compliant.

Leap29 have comprehensive procedures in place, so should an emergency arise, we will coordinate all employees safe removal. We make all arrangements with our medical and logistical providers to get you the appropriate treatment in a safe and secure location. 

Leap29’s Safety Manual is available to all employees where local guidelines are not confirmed or distributed. In addition to this, the employee will be provided with the Leap29 Emergency Action Plan detailing how to get in touch with Leap29 24 hours a day.