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Expand into new markets with the leading PEO partner

Leap29's tailored PEO Services manage the employment of your international hires to support your company's global expansion.

  • Overcome foreign employment laws and potential risk of non-compliance.
  • Manage international hires, including taxes, benefits, insurance, visa applications and payroll.
  • The best value PEO with no hidden fees.
  • Bespoke employee management platform included

By acting as your Professional Employer Organisation partner, we can take away these responsibilities, allowing you to focus on growing your business and securing top talent and top clients. Complete the form for a free quote!


Bespoke employee management software included in our PEO service.


We have expert teams across the world to ensure global compliance.


Avoid hidden costs and account for our fee with our transparent pricing.

What Our PEO Clients Say...
"For the last few years, we have worked very closely with Simon and the team at Leap29 on a number of different projects in multiple countries across the globe. Leap29 have been a fantastic partner for us and are always willing to think with us to find the best solution. The communication with the team at Leap29 has always been excellent and Simon, in particular, is great to work with! They come highly recommended from us!"

Peter Yerardi,

Hiring internationally and expanding your brand's reach to a global audience are two exciting steps to growing your business. However, international employment laws can be incredibly complex and can tarnish the excitement that comes with global growth. Leap29 can help your business advance by providing global PEO services that seamlessly manage international employment on your behalf.  

Your Global PEO and Recruitment Partner

Recruiting and managing employees on an international scale is a complex and incredibly time-consuming process. Navigating foreign employment laws and establishing a legal entity in your chosen country for expansion, can make your time to market incredibly lengthy. That's not to mention the potential risk of non-compliance, as you try to negotiate the laws that come with managing employment contracts, taxes, benefits, insurance, visa applications and payroll in said country. 

By acting as your Professional Employer Organization partner, we can take away these responsibilities, allowing you to focus on growing your business and securing top talent and top clients.

Global PEO Services 

International employment laws require a huge attention to detail that business simply don't have. But, the consequences of neglecting these laws can be costly. This is where your PEO partner comes in.

As a leading PEO provider we can help businesses expand globally by managing the employment of international hires, including taxes, benefits, insurances, visa applications and payroll. This means you can expand your business into new locations without establishing a legal entity. 

Employing a PEO is ideal for businesses that are looking to attract new international talent or retain current employees who are looking to relocate.

Payroll Services

Our international payroll services are tailored to meet your requirements. Whether you need to pay one employee or a whole workforce, we utilise the latest technology to ensure your employees are paid correctly and on time, no matter their location. 

Recruitment Solutions

Our global recruitment team are experts at finding top talent from around the world, taking the stress out of international hiring. We use a comprehensive search and recruitment approach to ensure you make the right hire for your business.

Why Choose Leap29 as your Recruitment and PEO Partner?

When you are expanding your business, it is important to have a global recruitment and PEO partner you can trust. For over 20 years, Leap29 have been helping businesses advance by providing reliable recruitment and employment management support.

We operate across over 150+ countries and we have a wide network that allows us to provide our PEO services worldwide. Our extensive experience providing recruitment services to businesses across multiple sectors, including Engineering and Construction, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Renewable Energy and Technology, ensures that we can offer a tailored PEO Service no matter your company location, size or sector. 

Our transparent fees for our bespoke PEO service means that you can keep your costs low whilst benefiting from a PEO service with a personal, high-quality touch.

Whether you are looking to employ one person internationally or a whole company, we offer tailored PEO solutions to meet your requirements.

PEO Services by Location

Wherever you are based, and wherever you are looking to expand, Leap29 have PEO experts waiting to support you. Our teams are 100% compliant with relevant licenses for all countries, giving you full peace of mind that your company's expansion is in safe and specialist hands.

Want to find out more about our global PEO Services?

Whatever your circumstances, and whatever level of support you require, Leap29 are the perfect partner to manage your PEO requirements. Contact us today to see how Leap29 can be the trusted PEO and recruitment partner that supports your global expansion.