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Grow into new international markets with the leading India PEO partner

Leap29's bespoke India PEO Services manage the employment of your global hires, enabling your company's successful international expansion into India.

  • Maintain compliance with India's employment laws.
  • Manage your international hires, taxes, benefits, insurance, visa applications and payroll.
  • The best value India PEO partner with no hidden fees.
  • Bespoke employee management platform included.

Through acting as your Professional Employer Organisation partner in India, we can alleviate these responsibilities from your shoulders, allowing you to focus on the global growth of your business and acquiring top talent and top clients. Fill out the form today for a free quote!


Bespoke employee management software included in our PEO service.


We have expert teams across the world to ensure global compliance.


Avoid hidden costs and account for our fee with our transparent pricing.

What Our PEO Clients Say...
"For the last few years, we have worked very closely with Simon and the team at Leap29 on a number of different projects in multiple countries across the globe. Leap29 have been a fantastic partner for us and are always willing to think with us to find the best solution. The communication with the team at Leap29 has always been excellent and Simon, in particular, is great to work with! They come highly recommended from us!"

Peter Yerardi,

Expand into one of the fastest growing trillion dollar economies using our PEO services in India

With the 5th largest economy in the world and one of the fastest growing trillion dollar economies, India offers businesses an expansive market for growth. This, combined with India's rich talent pool of IT consultants, web developers and software engineers makes India an especially rich market for technology, service and engineering industries

As with any international expansion, expanding into India has its difficulties. With 28 states, each with different regulations and employment laws, understanding how your business can operate in India can be complex. And with employment legislation also varying from state to state, from annual leave and national holidays to working hours and employee benefits, businesses require an in depth understanding of Indian employment law that most firms don't have the time or resources to gain. 

In addition, all foreign employees looking to work in India must obtain a valid pass or work visa before they begin work. Again, visas are subject to stringent legislation and time scales, with extensions necessary depending on the length of employment. 

Global expansion should be an exciting process, but state dependent employment laws and mandatory visas can make expansion into India complex at the very least. This is where our leading and best value PEO services come in. 

Your Recruitment and PEO Partner in India

Gaining the in depth, varied knowledge of India's state dependent employment laws is an incredibly time consuming and daunting process. By acting as your Professional Employer Organisation, we can navigate global employment laws on your behalf, allowing you to expand into India without a legal entity. This gives you more time to focus on your business growth with the peace of mind that Indian employment regulations have been met. 

Leading PEO Services in India

Indian employment regulations and common practices vary from state to state. For example, working hours in Mumbai typically start earlier to navigate the city's busy commute. With both country wide and state specific regulations to come to terms with, businesses need to ensure they have a thorough understanding of said regulations before conducting international business.

Recruiting in India also requires employers to manage employment contracts, taxes, benefits, visa applications, payroll and insurances, adding further time and cost pressures to your global expansion. 

With our expert PEO services we can manage both Indian employment regulations and the employment of your international hires; this means you can compliantly reap the benefits of India's fast growing economy breadth of business opportunities without establishing an entity. 

Payroll Services in India

Using advanced technology our payroll services ensure that your employees in India are paid accurately and on time, taking into account tax and benefits. Our payroll solutions can be tailored to your individual requirements, adapting to your business and taking the worry of payroll away.

Recruitment Solutions in India

India is known to have a rich talent pool of IT consultants, web developers and software engineers. However, it is also a hub for technology, engineering and service businesses, making recruiting the top talent competitive. Add city specific employment legislation and best practices to this mix, and businesses find that recruitment in India isn't as easy as it may initially appear.

Our tailored, comprehensive recruitment approach helps you to root out the top talent in India whilst also meeting employment laws and saving you considerable time, resources and money. 

Why Choose Leap29 as your Recruitment and PEO Partner?

While expanding your business globally is an exciting step, it is also incredibly challenging. By acting as your PEO and providing an in-depth knowledge of India's employment laws and recruitment best practices, Leap29 can make your expansion into India easier. 

With a dedicated team and office in India, our PEO experts are well equipped with knowledge on employment laws as well as a first-hand experience of best business practices in India. This, combined with over 20 years of experience providing recruitment services to businesses across multiple sectors, including Engineering and Construction, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Renewable Energy and Technology, means we can be the trusted PEO partner of choice for any size or type of business expanding in India.  

With our support and employee management services, you can compete in one of the world's largest and fastest growing economies without the cost, time and restrictions of a legal entity.

If you want to find out more about how our leading PEO Services in India can support your global expansion, contact our team using the form below, or call our experts on +44 (0) 20 8129 6860 or email [email protected] to get started.

PEO Services by Location

Wherever you are based, and wherever you are looking to expand, Leap29 have PEO experts waiting to support you. Our teams are 100% compliant with relevant licenses for all countries, giving you full peace of mind that your company's expansion is in safe and specialist hands.

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