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With a culture based on cutting-edge technology, successful service industries and a multinational make up, Malaysia has become one of Asia's fastest developing and emerging countries. As a leading exporter of gas, electronic parts, automotive parts as well as a successful global player in technology, SAAs and financial sectors, Malaysia is a diverse business landscape making it a key target for expanding businesses. 

Despite this, expanding into Malaysia poses many challenges for businesses. Firstly, all foreign employees looking to work in Malaysia must obtain a valid pass or work visa before they begin work with different visas issued for different job types and skills. 

In addition to strict work permits, businesses in Malaysia must also follow Malaysian employment law. Governed by the 1955 Employment Act, Malaysian employment law contains numerous regulations that international businesses must comply with, including:

  • Employees must not work over 48 hours a week with any overtime paid at 1.5 times the base salary
  • Employment contracts must include a job description, compensation details, termination requirements and severance pay. An employment contract must also be written in both English and Malay.
  • It is standard practice for employees to receive 13th-month pay and discretionary bonuses
  • Employers cannot restrict an employee's right to join unions 
  • Both employees and employers must contribute to the Social Security Organization and the Employees Provident Fund which provides disability, retirement, medical payments, and survivors’ benefits. Contributions vary depending on employee age.
  • Annual leave, sick leave and maternity leave vary depending on the length of employment.

The Employment Act contains regulations for the majority of Malaysian employees. However, there are some employees who the Employment Act does not cover. Instead, these employees and their employers should instead follow the regulations set out in their employment contracts, although the majority still choose to use the Employment Act as guidance. 

The combination of employment regulations and work visas makes expansion into Malaysia a challenging affair. This is where our expert PEO services come in. 

Your Recruitment and PEO Partner in Malaysia

As well as the legal implications of expanding into Malaysia, there are also cultural guidelines that are best followed in this multinational country.  By acting as your recruitment and PEO partner in Malaysia, Leap29 can help you navigate both the legal and cultural best practices in this emerging country. 

Firstly, by acting as your Professional Employer Organisation, we can support your expansion without you needing to establish a legal entity in Malaysia. This means you can be reassured that regulations set out in the Employment Act have been met while you focus on your business growth. 

Secondly, with an office and team based in Malaysia, we can advise on cultural practices, such as not setting meetings on Fridays, the Muslim day of prayer, or appropriate interactions for each of Malaysia's diverse cultures, allowing you to respect the country's cultural nuances and therefore succeed in building solid business relationships. 

PEO Services in Malaysia

The Malaysian Employment Act and its regulations largely affect employment contracts, taxes, benefits, visa applications, payroll and insurances. To ensure compliance, and successful employee management and onboarding, in-depth knowledge of regulations are paramount in Malaysia.

At Leap29, we can manage the employment of your international hires taking all of the above intricacies off your shoulders. This means you can compliantly enjoy the benefits of Malaysia's strong economy and developing business landscape without setting up a legal entity or struggling with compliance. 

Payroll Services in Malaysia

Using advanced technology, our payroll services ensure that your employees in Malaysia are paid accurately and on time. As with all of our services, we can tailor our payroll solutions to your individual requirements, adapting to your company and taking the stress and liability of payroll off your shoulders.

Recruitment Solutions in Malaysia

Recruitment can be challenging for businesses at the best of times. With Malaysia's competitive and emerging business landscape combined with stringent visa requirements, recruiting in Malaysia is even more challenging than the norm. However, by using our tailored, comprehensive recruitment approach we can help you recruit and onboard some of the best talent in Malaysia. 

Why Choose Leap29 as your Recruitment and PEO Partner?

Expanding your business globally is exciting but the addition of international employment laws also makes it incredibly challenging. By supporting you with our in-depth knowledge of the Malaysian Employment Act and extensive on the ground experience in Malaysia, Leap29 can make your global expansion easier.

Our office and team in Kuala Lumpur gives us first-hand experience of employment best practices and recruitment processes in Malaysia allowing us to deliver a seamless recruitment and employee management service. With over 20 years of experience providing recruitment services to businesses across multiple sectors, including Engineering and Construction, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Renewable Energy and Technology, we can be the trusted PEO partner of choice for any type or size of business expanding in Malaysia.  

By letting us take care of your international recruitment and employment, you can compete in one of the world's fastest emerging economies and most diverse business landscapes without the cost, time and restrictions of a legal entity.

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"For the last few years, we have worked very closely with Simon and the team at Leap29 on a number of different projects in multiple countries across the globe. Leap29 have been a fantastic partner for us and are always willing to think with us to find the best solution. The communication with the team at Leap29 has always been excellent and Simon, in particular, is great to work with! They come highly recommended from us!"

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Wherever you are based, and whether your business is looking to expand into Malaysia or beyond, Leap29 have PEO experts ready to support you. We are compliant with the relevant licenses worldwide to give you peace of mind that your company's expansion is in specialist, safe hands.

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