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Comply with Dutch visa laws and obtain the correct work permits for employees working in the Netherlands using our expert PEO Services. 

Obtaining work visas or permits for international employees is often one of the most challenging obstacles you will face when expanding your business. 

In The Netherlands, work permits and visas are dependent on the country that foreign nationals live in, adding another layer of complexity to obtaining Dutch permits. Consequently, applying for work permits takes a huge amount of time and resources that it is difficult for expanding businesses to dedicate.

As a Dutch PEO provider we have an expert team dedicated to securing the correct work permits for your expansion into The Netherlands. Therefore, you can be assured that your new employees have the correct, compliant permit to help you establish your team in this prosperous European country. 

Read on to find out all you need to know about Dutch work visas and how our PEO services can help you navigate each step. 

Who needs a Dutch work visa?

Like many European countries, the Netherlands has different visa requirements depending on an employee's home country. For residents in the European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland or European Union (EU), a visa is not required. Instead, these residents may enter, live and work in the Netherlands with just a passport or National ID.

Following Brexit, UK nationals who wish to work in the Netherlands may need a work permit. Likewise, other international countries that do not fall into the above brackets will need a work permit or visa to work and live in the Netherlands. 

What types of Dutch work permits are there?

There are two types of work permits available for the Netherlands:

  • employment permit (TWV) - valid for employment lasting less than 90 days.
  • single permit (GVVA), or combined residence and work permit. Valid for employment lasting over 90 days.

 The type of permit needed depends on how long an employee will be working in the Netherlands and whether they need residency in the country. You will need both a work visa and a residence visa to live and work in the Netherlands, however, some may be given the option to combine this into a single visa.

While the same criteria is used to assess applications for both the above visas, the main difference is that foreign workers can apply for a GVVA themselves, but only employers can apply for a TWV. 

You can find out more about this on the Dutch government website. 

How do I apply for a Dutch work visa?

Most employees outside of the EU, EEA or Switzerland will need to apply for both a work and residency permit to work in the Netherlands. This includes an MVV temporary resident permit to enter the country and then a GVVA to live and work in the country for longer than 3 months or a TWV for short term employment. In some circumstances, these can be combined into one application or visa. 

To apply for these visas employees at a minimum need to have:

  • A valid passport
  • Job offer and employment contract that offers the Dutch minimum wage
  • Documentation as shown on the IND website

Meanwhile, employers must:

  • Be registered with the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND). This is where employers must also submit applications
  • Have the documentation listed on the IND
  • Prove that the job you are recruiting for has been advertised to Dutch, EU and Swiss nationals before looking to hire foreign nationals.  

The requirements outlined above are only the minimum obligations that employees and employers must fulfil when applying for work and residency permits in the Netherlands. Far more red tape and documentation can arise depending on individual circumstances. Endeavouring to navigate this with no or little prior exposure to Dutch work permits and the IND can cause non-compliance as well as long, drawn out application processes.  

How much does a Dutch visa cost?

Dutch visa fees largely depend on the application you are making and what documentation is ultimately required. As a rough guide, visa costs in the Netherlands can start at anything from $85 to $300. However, it is worth remembering that as well as the cost to apply for a Dutch visa, the cost of extra staff to process these applications or the cost of non-compliance can make obtaining a Dutch visa an expensive process for your business. 

Why use a PEO partner to obtain a Dutch work permit?

Taking on average 3 months, applying for a Dutch visa is not only a complex but also a time-consuming process that has the potential to put your global expansion on hold.  The different requirements and visa types are hard to navigate while registering and complying with the IND is laden with red tape.

Applying independently can result in non-compliance which in turn runs a huge risk of fines, penalties and can jeopardise your new expansion into the Netherlands. On top of visa applications, you will also need to consider payroll, tax, national insurance contributions, recruitment and employment contracts to name but a few. 

A PEO partner can take all of this from your shoulders, allowing you to focus on your company's expansion knowing that visa applications and employee management is taken care of compliantly. Our Dutch team has extensive experience dealing with the IND and applying for different types of visas. They are therefore best placed to ensure you and your employees comply with Dutch visa laws. If you want to find out more about how our PEO Services in the Netherlands can support your global expansion, call our experts today on +31 20 890 8045 or email enquiries@leap29.com.


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