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Comply with Norway visa laws and obtain the correct work permits for employees working in Norway using our specialist PEO Services.

Allowing employees to work and live in a certain country, visas are an incredibly important document that employees and employers must obtain when they are working on a global scale. Simultaneously, they are also one of the most challenging documents to acquire for multiple reasons. 

Depending on whether your employees are Nordic nationals, within the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland, or outside of the European Union the process will differ. Those who are within the EU, EEA and Switzerland have the benefit of free movement across selected countries and can settle within Norway without the need for a visa. 

However, these citizens are still required to register with a local police station within three months of their arrival in Norway. Comparatively, those outside of the EU need to acquire a visa to live and work in Norway. UK residents must also now apply for visas when wanting to work in Norway, following Brexit.


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Using our expert Norway PEO services, our team can help you to secure work permits for prospective employees within Norway. You can still focus on growing your business internationally, whilst resting assured that your employees working in Norway have the correct visas. Carry on reading to discover more information about Norwegian work visas and how our PEO services can help you to manage each step in the process.

What are the types of Norway work visas?

Norwegian work visas are similar to many EU/EEA countries, in that stays for longer than 90 days for work require a permit. Most commonly, employees will require a:  

  • Residence Permit (oppholdstillatelse) - formerly known as a ‘Work Permit’, issued to those who intend to stay and work in Norway for more than 90 days, and is issued by the Directorate of Immigration (UDI).
  • Skilled Worker Visa - issued to somebody who has found a job working for a Norwegian employer and has a university degree or vocational training.

After three years of working within Norway with the correct paperwork, an employee will become eligible to apply for a Permanent Residence Visa. It is vital that the correct visa is selected for each individual worker, as it is necessary for the application process to run as smoothly as possible. In addition, failure to obtain the correct visas could result in fines and imprisonment. This is why using Norwegian PEO services is crucial to ensuring you comply with complicated visa requirements.

How do I apply for a Norway work visa?

To apply for a Norway work visa, employees must start an application for a Residence Permit online on the UDI’s website.  After this has been completed, the finished application is handed in alongside the correct documentation at the Norwegian Embassy or a Visa Application Centre. An employer can also submit the application on the behalf of the employee. 

If an employer is applying for an employee, they must gather the correct documentation, complete the online application on the UDI’s website and obtain written authorisation from the employee to apply on their behalf. From there, the employer hands in the completed application to the Residence Permit and Protection Services of the Norwegian police, or to the Service Centre for Foreign Workers (SUA). This depends on the Norwegian municipality they are in. They will then forward the information to the UDI.  

The application process for a Norwegian work visa is complex and time consuming, and therefore it is advised that employers begin the application process in plenty of time before an employee is due to start work in Norway. In some cases, it can take up to eight weeks before the application has been processed and employees are not allowed to begin work until this has been approved. 

To find out the documentation requirements for a Norway work visa, access the information on the UDI’s website here.

How much does a Norway visa cost?

For Residence Permits (including renewals), application fees are currently listed as NOK 6 300 according to the Directorate of Immigration. Though this is a baseline price, any declined applications or further documentation can quickly increase this cost. As with all aspects of business growth too, failure to comply in this area can result in large fines.

Why use a PEO partner to obtain a Norway work permit?

Applying for a Norwegian work permit is not only a complex process, but one which is incredibly costly and necessitates a lot of resources, especially if not handled correctly from the beginning. Dealing with this can easily halt the exciting expansion of your business into Norway. Of course, this is before you consider the risk of non-compliance which will attract legal penalties and therefore endanger your successful expansion into Norway. 

Other key aspects of business expansion, such as payroll, employment contracts, tax, national insurance contributions also require lots of time and money to be handled compliantly. This is why our Norway PEO Services can help to alleviate the burdens which come with expanding your business internationally, meaning you have more energy to focus on other key areas of your company. 

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