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Comply with UK visa laws and obtain the correct work permits for employees working in the UK using our expert PEO Services. 

While expanding into a new country and recruiting internationally is an exciting venture for your business it also comes with an abundance of red tape and obstacles to overcome. Obtaining UK work visas for your employees is often one of these obstacles.

A vital document for your employees, work permits can be especially difficult to obtain at the best of times, but, with the introduction of new post-Brexit laws, UK visas have become more challenging and time-consuming to apply for. As such, applying for work permits takes a huge amount of time and resource, two aspects that expanding businesses just don't have. 

Our UK PEO services cover visa applications including obtaining the correct documentation and compliantly applying for the correct, most appropriate visa. With an expert team dedicated to securing work permits, you can be assured that your employees working in the UK have the correct visas while you focus on growing your business. Read on to find out all you need to know about UK work visas and how our PEO services can help you navigate each step. 


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What are the types of UK work visa?

Like many countries, the UK has different visas depending on skill level and job role. As well as a whole host of temporary work visas, the UK offers the following long-term work visas:

  • Skilled Worker Visa
  • Health and Care Worker visa
  • Senior or Specialist Worker visa (Global Business Mobility)
  • Minister of Religion Visa (T2)
  • International Sportsperson visa

Each visa has different eligibility requirements and therefore requires different documentation. It is important that you have an in-depth knowledge of each visa, its eligibility and application processes to ensure full compliance when employing people in the UK. 

How do I apply for a UK work visa?

Applying for a work visa is a long process full of red tape hence why it is recommended that applications are started three months before an employee's start date. Employees and employers will both need to check what type of UK visa is required as applications vary for each visa time. Meanwhile, obtaining the wrong visa could result in non-compliance and the inability to legally work in the UK. 

While each visa has its own requirements, below are some of the documents you will need for every UK visa application:

  • Proof of knowledge of English
  • A valid passport or other document that shows identity and nationality
  • Job title and annual salary
  • Job’s occupation code
  • Employer name and their sponsor licence number - this will be on the certificate of sponsorship

It is essential that applicants for a UK visa have a confirmed job offer from a licensed UK employer. This employer will then act as a sponsor and provide a Sponsorship Certificate which is essential for every visa application. 

As well as applications varying by visa type, they also vary depending on the employee's home country. Likewise, whether an employee is travelling with family can also impact applications. As you can see applying for a UK visa is laden with risk and obstacles. 

Has Brexit affected UK visas? 

Brexit has affected the employment of foreign employees in the UK overall and visa applications have not escaped new regulations brought about by Brexit. There have been numerous changes to visa application processes and the types of visas available since Brexit, but one standout change is EU visas. Pre-Brexit, European nationals were entitled to live and work in the UK without a visa. However, since January 2021, EU nationals now need a valid work visa to work or study in the UK, making it more challenges for UK and European businesses to recruit European nationals in the UK.  

You can find out more on UK employment visas post-Brexit in our blog. 

How much does a UK visa cost?

UK visa fees largely depend on the application you are making, the type of visa you require and how long that visa needs to last. The UK government have a handy tool to check visa costs. However, it is worth remembering that as well as the cost to apply for a UK visa, the cost of extra staff to process these applications or the cost of non-compliance can make obtaining a UK visa an expensive process for your business. 

Why use a PEO partner to obtain a UK work permit?

As you can see applying for a UK visa is a complex process laden with risk. Applying independently can result in non-compliance which in turn runs a huge risk of fines, penalties and can jeopardise your new expansion into the UK. Not to mention that applying for a UK work visa is only one task to overcome when expanding your business. Businesses also need to consider payroll, tax, national insurance contributions, recruitment and employment contracts to name but a few. 

A PEO partner can take all of this from your shoulders, allowing you to focus on your company's expansion knowing that visa applications and employee management is taken care of compliantly. If you want to find out more about how our PEO Services in the United Kingdom can support your global expansion, call our experts today on +44 (0) 1625 537 555 or email [email protected].

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