The Benefits of using a PEO

A professional employment organisation (PEO) provides employee management services such as employment contracts, benefits, insurances, visa applications, payroll and taxes. All sounds great, but what exactly are the benefits of using a PEO?

Benefits of Using a PEO

Save Time

By recruiting a PEO partner to provide employee management services such as HR, payroll and recruitment you inevitably free up your time and the time of your employees, allowing you both to focus on more pressing matters in your global expansion. 

But the time saving benefits of a PEO doesn't stop there. By using a PEO you can also reduce your time to market. Recruiting internationally, setting up a legal entity and complying with the relevant licenses and regulations can be incredibly time consuming and can result in a lengthy time to market. However, by using a PEO your time to market reduces from months down to days, allowing you to proceed with your business expansion sooner rather than later. 

Cost Savings

Most businesses can be wary about using a PEO due to the expense of paying an external organisation. However, recruiting a team who are capable and fully qualified in international employment law is a much more costly affair.

At Leap29, our PEO experts use the latest technology and industry leading practices to process payroll, organise recruitment and manage HR policies. Add to this that we operate with best practices and you can drastically decrease your employee management costs whilst improving your processes. 

By employing a PEO you can also avoid setting up a legal entity in foreign countries, again incurring considerable cost savings. 

Full Compliance Guaranteed

Global expansion comes with strict employment laws and legislation, with regulations changing from country to country; sometimes even region to region. Foreign employment law can also change often with little time to prepare, leaving your business playing catch up with updated legislation. Non-compliance with employment laws can result in hefty fines and roadblocks to your business growth. At Leap29, we are up to date with international employment laws and have extensive knowledge of foreign licensing requirements, a factor strengthened by having experts on the ground in 5 global offices. Our team can advise on everything from employment best practices to strict laws, including but not limited to:

  • Written employment contracts
  • Sick pay
  • Parental leave
  • Holiday entitlement 
  •  Hiring and firing practices
  • Overtime regulations
  • Payroll and benefits 
  • Visa applications

As such, no matter what country you want to expand into we can guarantee full compliance with regulations and competent handling of any licensing requirements, providing you with full peace of mind and allowing you to focus on more important tasks that affect your business and its growth. 

Recruit the Top Talent

Finding suitable employees can be one of the hardest factors of global expansion, especially when combined with complex international employment laws. As your recruitment and PEO partner, Leap29 can help you find the top talent. Using a tailored service for each company, sector and country of expansion, we can find the best employees for you and simultaneously manage your recruitment process, from initial interview to employee onboarding and HR.  

Attractive Benefits Packages

Once you have recruited the top talent, you want to keep them. However, if you only employ one contractor abroad or are perhaps a smaller business, negotiating a competitive benefits package can be difficult. A PEO can provide access to cost-effective yet competitive benefits packages that encourages the top talent in your industry to join your team and stay there. Your professional employment organisation can deal with all the admin and logistics of your company perks providing benefits for both employees and employers. 

You can find out more about the benefits of our PEO services here. Alternatively, contact us to see how Leap29 can be the global recruitment and PEO partner you can trust.

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