Four Things That Will Ruin Your Job Interview

A good interview is the best way to get more doors open, but also a bad interview is the fastest way to see those doors lock shut behind you. At Leap29 we want you to enter your interviews with feelings of confidence, but we especially want you to leave feeling positive.

In order to help you on your way, here is a list of four things you should never do in an interview.


Bad mouthing your old company

It doesn’t matter how much bad blood there is between you and your old company, interviews are not the time to mention it. Keep all negative feelings towards your current employer at bay and find rational, positive reasons for wanting to leave your current position, for example better career progression.


Not asking any questions

If you want to show how interested in the company you are, you should ask questions. Asking questions does not have to be at the end of the interview when you will inevitably be asked if you have any more questions. Engaging in conversation throughout the process with polite and relevant questions will show your interest. Interviews are a two-way process, not only is the employer assessing if you will be suitable for the company and position, you need to be assessing if the role and company are a suitable fit for you.


Negative body language

Did you know that 55% of what you are saying is based on your body language? So, it is so important to avoid sitting with your arms crossed or slouching in your chair. Fidgeting with your hands or playing with your hair can also give off negative signals and distract your interviewer.


It is incredible how many people will lie when they are under pressure. Whether it be about a gap in their work history, or saying they have experience in something they do not. It can happen to everyone even if they are not naturally prone to lying. You can avoid this by being prepared; read the job spec carefully and be positive about any areas you may not have experience in, also have an answer prepared about any gaps in your work history.


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