The Global Potential Of Remote Working

Remote working: whether you've loved or loathed it during the Covid-19 pandemic, one thing is for sure, it has changed the working dynamic for many companies. While businesses and their employees are now gradually returning to the office, many are still opting for a remote-first approach. In fact, according to the Office For National Statistics (ONS) 85% of employees wanted to use a "hybrid" approach of both home and office working in future.

Although many employees may relish in the benefits that remote working brings, many businesses have also noted the benefits of remote working, and top of that list is global hiring.


How Remote Working Benefits Global Hiring

While previously, businesses had to limit their talent pool around their office location, remote working enables businesses to fill positions from anywhere in the world. This expands talent pools enormously and also ensures you truly can recruit the top talent, whether they are based in the UK or Singapore!

But, the benefits don’t stop there. By opening up recruitment opportunities on an international scale, companies consequently open the door to global expansion and new international business thanks to a diverse workforce with multi-cultural bases, contacts and experiences. 

Job opportunities that offer remote working are becoming increasingly popular too with adverts that include the term “homeworking” in May 2021 three times above their February 2020 average according to the ONS. With remote opportunities becoming increasingly popular in the recruitment market, it’s likely to be what your job advert needs to attract that all important skilled talent.


The challenges of remote working on a global scale

Of course, while global hiring brings with it an abundance of benefits, it is also poses challenges from a logistical, HR and administrative perspective.

Recruiting globally

Recruiting the top talent can often post challenges for expanding businesses. However, recruiting internationally poses a plethora of additional tests. Whether it’s conducting interviews remotely or complying with international employment regulations, securing the top global talent can cause an abundance of admin that takes you and your employees away from more pressing tasks.

By employing Leap29 as your trusted recruitment partner, however, you can have these tasks taken from your shoulders. With a wealth of experience in a wide range of sectors and locations we can use a tried and trusted recruitment approach to root out the top candidates. Meanwhile, our unique, structured interview process determine if candidates have both the technical capability and cultural fit for your organisation.

We can also ensure that the relevant employment regulations are met, ensuring full compliance in both your company’s and employee’s country.

By working with our international employment experts you can reap the benefits of global remote hiring without the associated risks and liability.

Employing globally

Now you have found the ideal candidate, it’s time to employ them. But hiring global employees is a challenge from a compliance and HR perspective.

To hire an employee, you must have a legal entity in that country, something that can take a vast amount of time, money and resources to establish.

The best way therefore to successfully hire candidates globally is to use an employer of record or an international PEO. A PEO can hire employees on your behalf using their entity, handling all of the legal requirements from initial recruitment to, obtaining work permits through to employee benefits. 

Onboarding international employees

During lockdown and the peak of remote working, we all saw for ourselves how remote working can strain business relationships and hinder the onboarding process. Now, imagine that remote onboarding process is done on the other side of the world. Building employee relationships, instilling company values and ensuring maximum productivity can be a challenge when onboarding international employees. Therefore, establishing a sound international onboarding process is key.

Read our previous blog to see the best practices when onboarding international employees.

International Payroll

Of course, when hiring internationally you have to consider running payroll on an international scale, paying multiple employees in multiple currencies and complying with tax laws in the relevant countries: no easy feat.

Our international payroll services ensure that your global employees are paid accurately and on time, regardless of where they are based. We can also ensure that all tax, national insurance and social security regulations are complied with.


If you want to take advantage of the global potential of remote working contact us to see how our recruitment and PEO services can help.