How can a PEO help employees relocate?

When expanding your business internationally some of your existing employees may look to relocate to help establish the business in a new country. While taking trusted employees with you on your expansion can be a fantastic way to continue your brand values abroad and establish a successful international team, relocating employees can be an incredibly difficult task for business owners.  

As PEOs are experts on global compliance, they can help employers with employee relocation and your overall global expansion.

How can a PEO help employees relocate?

Obtaining visas

First things first, in order to live and work in another country, it is likely that employees will need some sort of employment visa. As with most employment laws, visas and their requirements vary from country to country and oftentimes from sector to sector and even skill level.

Navigating employee visas is understandably a complex process that is littered with red tape. And, with it being essential to obtain work visas in most countries, it can really put lengthy blocks on your global expansion. Adding to this, obtaining the incorrect visa can lead to hefty penalties and leave your employees unable to legally work in said country.

As your PEO partner, Leap29 can help to source employment visas on your behalf. With experience working in countries around the globe, you can rest assured that our PEO team know what visa you need and what documentation is required, meaning you can get set up in your new country sooner rather than later.

Employment contracts

Your employee is more than likely going to have an employment contract that covers their existing employment with you. But, does this contract cover their global relocation? Has a relocation package been formally agreed in writing? Does the existing contract comply with the employment laws of their new home country?

A PEO has in depth knowledge of international employment laws and can therefore produce compliant employment contracts that cover the terms of your employee’s relocation and beyond. A PEO can also help to organise competitive relocation packages that include things such as housing support and transportation support.

As such, your employee’s relocation will run smoothly without disputes whilst also ensuring compliance with your new country’s employment laws.

Global recruitment

In all likelihood your employee will need to establish a new, global team. However, international recruitment can be a real challenge, especially if you are unfamiliar with foreign employment laws. Putting this solely on the shoulders of your relocated employee not only jeopardises compliance but can also start their new career move with a stressful process that takes them away from their main responsibilities. 

Leap29 offer a combined recruitment and PEO service that can help you recruit the top talent to kickstart your global team, complying with all employment laws and best practices in the process. Meanwhile, we can support with onboarding employees to ensure the best start for both your existing, relocating employees and your new international talent. 


Want to find out more about how Leap29 can help your existing employees relocate successfully? Find out more about our PEO services here. Alternatively, contact us to see how Leap29 can be the global recruitment and PEO partner you can trust.

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