How a PEO Can Help Manage Risk When Hiring Overseas

Hiring overseas is an exciting step for your business, however, it is sadly not without risk. From visas to international payroll, hiring overseas comes with an array of regulations. Non-compliance with employment regulations can have colossal consequences for your business, hindering your international recruitment as well as broader expansion. We're here to make hiring overseas that little bit easier by highlighting how a PEO can manage risk when hiring overseas.

Hiring Overseas With A PEO 

International Recruitment

Finding the top talent is never easy. But, how do you find the top talent in a new market where your business is relatively unknown? How do you ensure a candidate is the best fit for your company from the other side of the world? How do you ensure cultural best practices are met during recruitment and employment? How do you meet employment laws in a new, foreign business landscape?

These are just some of the questions that come with international recruitment, and, with each question comes an associated risk. By partnering with an experienced recruitment and PEO agency, you can rest assured that you can secure the right hire for your business, with minimal risk. An experienced agency will have access to a wide network of global talent, as well as knowledge on mobilisation, local employment laws and local cultures.

Work permits and employment visas

With visa requirements varying from country to country, and sometimes even region to region, obtaining the correct work permits for international employees can be a complex and time-consuming process. And, from Brexit to recent dependent pass changes in Singapore, visa stipulations are frequently changing around the world, making remaining compliant and keeping employees eligible for work more than a full time-job. 

A PEO can take the burden of employment visas from your shoulders by applying for and securing appropriate work permits and keeping up to date with changing requirements. This way, you can focus on hiring the top international talent knowing that visas and work permits are fully compliant. 

Onboarding international employees

Onboarding employees is always a challenge for expanding companies, a process that is all the more challenging when hiring overseas. From cultural best practices to international employment regulations, growing businesses have a lot to juggle when it comes to onboarding international employees. Get your onboarding process wrong and you risk non-compliance, an unhappy, un-motivated workforce and even losing your top talent.

With five global offices and dedicated teams working in Singapore, America, The Netherlands, India, Malaysia and the UK, we can help you produce a sound employee onboarding process that complies with international laws whilst also taking into account the employee experience and cultural best practices. Therefore, onboarding your new international recruits is one less risk to worry about when hiring overseas. 

International payroll

From the simple (not so simple) task of paying global employees correctly and on time to tax, national insurances and social security, running international payroll is a risk-ridden task that has compliance obstacles at every turn. 

By utilising the latest technology, our payroll solutions can ensure that employees are paid on time and correctly no matter where they are based and no matter their currency. We can also offer a tailored solution to ensure that all immigration, tax and insurance laws are complied with. By taking the liability of payroll from your shoulders, you can put your time and resource into successfully expanding your business. 

Risk Management

Problems arise more often than we would like in business, and sadly, the same has to be said with hiring overseas. No solution can offer 100% risk free global expansion. However, a PEO can not only avoid common problems but help to solve them when they do arise. With extensive experience in the global market and a team of experienced, trained staff we know the best, most cost and time effective solutions to problems, putting solutions in place before they have time to impact your business expansion. 


Expanding globally should be an exciting step for your business. However, risks that come with employment regulations, payroll and international recruitment can turn this excitement into dread, halting business growth. By employing a PEO to take this liability from your shoulders, you will find that you not only cut the risk of hiring overseas but that you free up your key staff to focus on higher value activities that can make your global expansion a success. 

To find out more about how our PEO services can mitigate your risk when hiring overseas and make your global expansion a success, contact our expert team.