How an EOR Can Help Universities Expand Globally

It’s no secret that universities and higher education institutions heavily rely on global connectivity for their recruitment and shared textual resources. With many large universities demonstrating this through their partner campuses in different continents, there is lots to be said about the importance of international connections where education is concerned. 

As such, the demand for compliant employment contracts, taxes, benefits, payroll is heightened as universities continue to make their global mark. But, with such high-risk legislation to deal with, universities are posed with the threat of non-compliance if not dealt with properly. 

To combat this, specialist Employer of Record (EOR) companies such as ourselves can help your university or higher education institution to overcome these obstacles. To find out how we can add value to your university, carry on reading! 

Efficient HR Processes 

One of the most valuable services an EOR can provide universities with is streamlined and efficient HR processes. With a wealth of staff to attend to across various different departments and networks, administrative HR tasks in the education space can be a complex endeavour. 

Not to mention, academic staff fluctuation is expected, meaning that it’s vital your university has the correct processes in place to cater to the dynamic aspect of onboarding and offboarding. 

An EOR partner for universities can deal with these laborious and complicated tasks, helping to cut down on time-intensive jobs, enabling your internal team to focus on other important aspects of employee management. 

Widen The Academic Talent Pool

Having only the very best academic talent on your side is going to help you further your global connections as well as give you that competitive edge over other institutions. Academic talent resides all over the world, and it’s key to feel reassured that you have the right processes in place to hire internationally when the time comes. If you don’t, it may be a missed opportunity. 

Thankfully, an EOR can help you to source the very best academic talent out there and subsequently onboard them speedily, in turn reassuring your new hire that you’ve taken care of their otherwise tricky employment. Not only this, but employers of record also have unique access to local and in-demand benefits such as healthcare and pensions which can help your new international hire feel right at home. 

Global Expansion Without a Legal Entity Setup

To really compete with the most prestigious universities, being able to market yourselves quickly when expanding to a new location is vital. An EOR has the capability of operating on your behalf within your chosen locations, ensuring that you can act speedily without having to set up a legal entity. 

Using an EOR is therefore a preferred method of expansion for universities and businesses who want to extend their reach as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

A Cost-Saving Option

The sheer volume of employees needed on a university scale will no doubt put pressure on an internal HR department, with many plates spinning day to day. Outsourcing to an EOR company allows your university to reduce overheads and provide necessary support to internal HR teams who may be overrun with administrative tasks to keep on top of. 

In addition, choosing an EOR partner means mitigating your risk of non-compliance massively. In turn, your university will not have to worry about the costly charges which come with remedying such mistakes and resources it will require also. 

Fantastic Value EOR Services

Of course, expanding internationally is never going to be a cost-free process for your university. However, our EOR services at Leap29 are fantastic value, allowing you to invest in a service which fast-tracks your global expansion. Unlike outsourcing several different services for payroll, HR and more, your university can streamline their processes with our EOR service.

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There’s plenty more advantages of working with an EOR company such as ourselves. For more information on how we can support your university in its international expansion, contact our EOR services team today. We’d love to hear how we can help you succeed!

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