How To Keep Your Global Team Motivated

The international expansion of your business is a thrilling prospect indeed, but like many aspects of business management, it comes with its own unique challenges. Global expansion often requires a global team to help to understand how your business is going to fare internationally and how you can address the nuances of each culture appropriately. 

Though a global team is an essential component of your growth journey, knowing how to keep your international team motivated from afar is a task many struggle with. Where strong workplace relationships are traditionally built in-person, global expansion requires you to think outside the box and devise ways to keep remote employees engaged and content in their role. 

In this blog, we explore ways in which you can tackle this issue from the outset and keep your global team motivated. 



Making sure your chosen candidate is going to be motivated, especially when they will be working remotely, is a vital aspect of recruitment. But how do you know who is the best fit for your company? Even at the best of times, hiring can be daunting due to the expectations of both employer and employee. 

Using our integrated recruitment and PEO services is an effective way to find talent which will fit right into your business, thus improving the chances of sustained motivation once employed. Additionally, PEOs also allow you to operate in a new market quickly and without needing to establish a legal entity, cutting down valuable time. If done without the help of a PEO, this entire process can be lengthy, confusing and frustrating as you’re dealing with it both overseas and virtually.   


Employee Onboarding

You’ve found your ideal candidate - now what? Welcoming your international employee, or employees, into your company with open arms is a crucial step. It’s important to show your new hire your interest and consideration of them from the outset, as they will feel like a valued team member from the start. 

When onboarding a new employee, there are a number of things to consider from contracts, taxes, insurance and payroll. Failing to comply with country-specific, or even city-specific laws, can significantly damage your onboarding process, not to mention land you in a complex web of legal issues which nobody wants to venture into.

Therefore, hiring a PEO is an effective way of addressing these worries, as they will be knowledgeable in that specific country’s laws and regulations surrounding employment. As a result, your employee onboarding will be as smooth as possible.  


Knowledge of Different Cultures

Learning the culture of your new hire is also an integral part of successful global team building. As a trusted PEO partner, we will inherently reassure potential employees that their culture is to be celebrated and respected within your workplace. One of the huge benefits of global expansion is the ability to learn other cultures, and your remote employees will value your willingness to learn and embrace their cultural norms. Demonstrating that their culture is of utmost importance to your company is a sure-fire way to help keep your employees motivated and enthusiastic about your business. 


Employee Benefits 

It can sometimes be isolating working as a remote employee, and this feeling is maximised on a whole new scale if you’re in a different country. Making sure your employee is offered benefits which are suited to them can help keep them feeling motivated. Aside from helping you choose the ideal candidate, a PEO can also access more tailored benefits packages for your employee depending on their location.

Employee benefits span from required legal benefits to additional, optional employee benefits. Ranging from incentives like private healthcare to gym memberships, a PEO is a valuable source of knowledge which can boost your employee’s experience. All these employee benefits are leveraged at competitive prices, whilst also ensuring these benefits are compliant and sustainable for your company. 

While there are inherent challenges which come with keeping your global team motivated, when it is done successfully, your business will reap the rewards. Using a PEO is an extremely worthwhile consideration if you are trying to expand your company globally, as we have detailed here. If you want to find out more about Leap29’s services, you can contact us online today.

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