The Importance of Employee Management Software

From payroll to expenses, annual leave to taxes there’s a lot of plate spinning involved when it comes to employee management. Now, imagine that on a global scale. Global employee management requires even more resources and time, two things that expanding businesses have in limited supply.

With this in mind, we are offering bespoke employee management software as part of our PEO services that can streamline your processes, help you attract and retain great talent and take the pain out of payroll management.

Want to know more? Read on for the full details.

What is employee management software?

First things first, what is employment management software?

Employee management software, sometimes known as human resources management software (HRMS), helps employers manage payroll, taxes, expenses, payslips and more all in one easy to use online portal.

By streamlining your processes, employee management software allows you to allocate resources and time to other areas of your business whilst also creating a positive experience for your employees, from initial onboarding to their regular payslips.

What are the benefits of employee management software?


Onboarding employees, especially internationally, is a huge, admin-heavy task that it’s critical you get right from both a compliance and employee satisfaction point of view. After all, the onboarding process is one of the first impressions your new employees will have of you following their successful recruitment; admin errors and lengthy delays isn’t the way to go.

An employee management system can help you make quick work of otherwise time-consuming tasks and manage all data appropriately. With confidence in your onboarding process you can spend less time worrying about compliance and more time welcoming your employees.


Payroll, an employee’s favourite time of the month. Now, imagine their month’s pay not hitting their bank account on time - not good. An employee management system ensures payroll is handled accurately whilst also helping to issue payslips on time for every single country you operate in.

It will also contain digitised pay records removing room for human error and vastly streamlining your payroll processes, paying dividends to you and your employees.

Bonuses and expenses

Employee bonuses are a fantastic benefit and a sure-fire way to keep your employees happy. But, if they fail to be paid on time or are paid incorrectly, it’s guaranteed to have the opposite effect. 

Meanwhile, leaving your employees waiting for reimbursements or expense payments can leave a bitter taste.

By managing these payments through online software you, and indeed your employees, can rest-assured that expenses and bonuses will be paid accurately and on time, with compliant paperwork completed.

Culture and employee satisfaction

It may not be the first benefit you think of but, due to the points outlined above, employee management software can actually contribute to a satisfied workforce and a positive workplace culture.

Think about it, disorganised onboarding, late payroll and delayed reimbursements are going to take their toll on your employees and, eventually, lead to them looking to leave your company.

On the flip side, an organised, structured onboarding process followed up with timely payroll, bonuses and expenses makes for a satisfied workforce. Employees can also access their own data through this system, allowing for greater transparency and building solid employer-employee relationships that are built on trust and accountability.

Overall, this helps to create a positive workplace environment, whether that’s in office or virtual. In turn, happy employees means low employee turnover which means less recruitment which means time and money saved in the long run.

Country-specific employee management

When it comes to running a business on a global scale, one size doesn’t fit all. Instead, you need a catered business plan for each country. That being said, your employee management software needs to be catered to each country too. And that’s exactly what we do.

The employee management software we use is a country-specific platform complying with your country’s regulations around payroll, tax and onboarding whilst also showing you reports per location. This all amounts to a compliant international employment management strategy that doesn’t compromise on functionality.

Adds value

By streamlining your payroll processes and organising your onboarding process, an employee management system adds value to your company and benefits your employees.

Integrated fully with our global PEO services, our employee management software comes at no additional cost to you but is guaranteed to save you time and money whilst simplifying your employee management procedures.

Want to find out more? Contact our team to see how our PEO services with integrated employee management software can simplify and support your global expansion.

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