Negotiating the Best Salary

Salary negotiation is often seen as one of the tricky times during a recruitment process, however, is not necessarily the case. An experienced recruitment consultant will already have briefed the employer on a candidate’s expected or desired salary and will have found this information out from a candidate so that negotiations run as smoothly as possible.

Remember, it is in the best interests of both the candidate and recruiter to get the best possible salary package. A win, win solution is our goal, so the employer feels like they are paying a fair market rate for a top-quality candidate and the potential employee is getting a salary package they feel is suitable for their experience and career goals.

Sell, Sell, Sell

During the interview you should focus on selling your skills and attributes to the employer and how you would be the perfect fit for the organisation and opportunity. A great interview will always set you apart from other candidates and will ultimately put you in a great position for your consultant to negotiate your salary package. If the employer thinks you are the perfect candidate for the job based on your presentation of your skills and attributes after the interview, then you are in a great position to get that salary increase you are looking for.

Research is Key

Do you know the market rate for your current role? Do you know the market rate for your potential new role? It is very important to know how your salary compares in the current market. If you are relocating to a new region, is your current and expected salary a fair reflection on the market rates in that region? The best place to find out this information is from your Leap29 consultant, as after all they have a proven track record in negotiating the best salary for you.

Never Talk About Money

As much as you might want to, you should never talk money with the employer during the interview. This is very important as employers are looking for the right candidate that is suitable for the position based on skills and attitude not just someone that is looking for a pay increase. If you have been open and honest with you Leap29 consultant about your salary expectations, then that is all you need to worry about. It is in the best interest of your consultant to negotiate you the best salary, and that is what they will do. Instead of talking about money, you should emphasise why you are the right candidate for the job and how you can help the company succeed, and that the opportunity and not the salary is your main concern.

Consider the Whole Offer

Make sure that you take into consideration the entire package that is on offer not just the basic salary. The extra incentives such as private healthcare, bonus potential or fully financed car may be included in an offer which may be the difference between choosing one company over another. Just make sure that you don’t just look at the basic salary as the combination of the other benefits and incentives might just add up to a better package that you might get elsewhere! Your Leap29 consultant will always be on hand to discuss all aspects of your offer and help you make that decision that is best for you.

Honesty is the Best Policy

When a recruiter asks about your current salary or package be honest with them. The only way to a successful outcome for both the candidate and the recruiter is when all the details of current and expected salary package are disclosed. Be clear on your salary requirements, notice period, bonuses, incentives and benefits as this information will play a major part in the hiring decision should you be successful in the interview. It is a lot easier for recruiters to get the outcome that you want from salary negotiations if you are upfront and honest about your expectations.


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