Programme One – Addressing Inequality in Recruitment

Next month, Leap29 are extremely proud to be getting involved in Programme One, an initiative created to address the significant underrepresentation of black talent within the recruitment industry.

What is Programme One?

Established in June 2021, Programme One is a collection of recruitment companies working together to help reduce inequalities that are restricting the engagement of black talent within the recruitment sector.

The initiative aims to bring recruitment companies together to work collectively to achieve the following objectives:

  1. A commitment to embed a Diversity, Inclusion and Respect Strategy
  2. A commitment to remove any barriers to hiring Black recruiters…so that organizations match the Black representation in their local community
  3. For every Black recruit hired there is a commitment that they have access to a mentor
  4. A commitment to widening talent attraction methods and techniques

Why are Leap29 involved in Programme One?

At Leap29 we strongly believe in the importance of equality and the value of a diverse workforce. We want all our employees and applicants to be treated fairly and receive the same opportunities.

Workplace diversity is everyone’s responsibility and by joining incentives like Programme One we hope to work towards a more diverse and positive future in recruitment.

How can you improve your diversity and inclusion strategy?

With diversity and inclusion being such an important topic, there are a number of useful articles and websites you can use to support your own strategy. We particular like, LinkedIn’s ‘Diversity, inclusion, and belonging’ resource page.

Here LinkedIn regularly share useful articles to help companies build a culture of belonging and acceptance. A few examples of these articles include creating equal access to opportunities, measuring diversity and inclusion and tips for managers on how to be an inclusive leader.

At Leap29 we also support a number of companies with their diversity and inclusion strategies, whether they are looking for an unbiased hiring process, writing inclusive job adverts or making sure there is equal opportunity for all.

To find out more about how we can support you with your diversity and Inclusion strategy please contact us on