Workforce Management Solutions Within the Renewable Energy Sector

Are you a UK based company that is thinking about deploying your people to international projects? Or are you already doing this but experiencing difficulties mobilising your people? Well, this is the article for you.

We all know that renewable energy is the future of power generation and while traditional methods are now starting to decline, many countries are looking for greener energy sources as they look to reduce their carbon footprint. Large companies also want to be seen to be doing their bit for the environment too, so the push towards Renewable Energy is only going to gain more traction in the coming years.  

There are a lot of renewable initiatives in the UK but it is the companies that are looking overseas that are really going to see growth in the long term. Whether it is South America, Africa or Asia there are some excellent opportunities for British based companies overseas.

However, there may be a few stumbling blocks for British based companies looking to mobilise their workers internationally for short term contracts. The main one being, just how do you get them into country? Or how do you recruit local staff to supplement your existing UK based staff and contractors?

That is where we come in. Leap29 are a UK based recruitment and PEO company that are world renowned for the compliant secondment of our client’s staff and consultants into many countries globally.

By partnering with us, it allows you to focus on what you specialise in and deliver to your clients. To find out more about Outsourcing Workforce Management including the benefits and how to choose the right partner, check out our recent  Outsourcing Workforce Management Guide.

This article includes case studies from each continent, but we have experience in 90 + countries across the globe so for more information about a specific project please get in contact with us on 01625 537 555 or email 

Workforce Management in Kenya

Workforce Management Solutions Within the Renewable Energy Sector2

Africa is a huge growth market for all sectors and Renewable Energy is no different. Whether it’s solar, wind or hydropower projects there are numerous opportunities for UK based businesses.

Kenya is home to Africa’s largest wind farm and is a country that offers a lot of opportunities. We have recently helped a UK based business to recruit local Kenyan candidates for electrical engineering roles on the Kipeto wind farm project. If you are looking for local specialists to supplement your existing experts, then rest assured we can help you find them.

In terms of getting expats into Kenya ,this is also something we can assist with. Having a local presence makes applying for work permits a straightforward process. If your work is expected to be short term (3-6 months) we can apply for a short-term visa known as a special pass. This can be sourced within 2 weeks and will allow your contractors to be paid as normal in their home country.

If your project in Kenya is expected to be longer, then we can also assist to secure a long-term visa. However due to Kenyan regulations, if you take out long-term visas, your workers will need to have their salary paid locally and it would be subject to local taxation. There are ways that we can help to help minimise this exposure, so please contact us for more information.

Workforce Management in Norway

Workforce Management Solutions Within the Renewable Energy Sector3

Northern Europe is another region that is no stranger to Renewable Energy and we have been operating in this area for over a decade. Norway is just a short trip across the North Sea and is an excellent location for UK businesses to pick up work given that operations can essentially be run from the UK.

But what if you need to relocate people to work in Norway? There are 2 options. Using our Norwegian registration, we can support in country payroll, although due to the high tax rates in Northern Europe this may not be the most cost-effective option.

Alternatively, we can set your employees up with their own company in Norway. This would involve them registering their UK based Ltd company on the Bronnoysund Registreen in Norway and obtaining a local tax ID known as a D number. They could then pay themselves a smaller salary in Norway and the rest can be paid into their UK limited company.

Workforce Management in Malaysia

Workforce Management Solutions Within the Renewable Energy Sector4

We have been supporting companies operating in Malaysia for over 10 years. We are able to manage locally based employees as well as provide support to expats on short- or long-term secondments. The latter is a service we have provided to several companies in the UK who have been awarded well service contracts in Malaysia. In order to get a work permit, you need to have a local presence which you are unlikely to have if you are just supporting on ad-hoc projects. Due to the amount of work we do in the region we have a local office in Malaysia which allows us to be the sponsor on your employees work permits.    

It can be a complex location for work permits. Depending on where in Malaysia your project is, there are different work permit requirements. For a full breakdown check out our Malaysia Payroll and Tax Guide.

We regularly support companies without a presence in Malaysia to help recruit local contractors for their projects. We are able to provide strong shortlists of candidates that are immediately available to work on your project. This can typically be provided within 1 week.  

Workforce Management in Ecuador

Workforce Management Solutions Within the Renewable Energy Sector5 

In Ecuador it is difficult to hire contractors due to the “tercerización” initiative. The Ecuadorian government have put policies in place to ensure staff are not outsourced when they have the skills in country. Put simply, it’s a bit like trying to outlaw zero-hour contracts in the UK. However, this does create problems in hiring contractors from overseas for short term contracts, which are commonplace in the Renewable Energy sector.

If your workers are nationals of one of the Mercosur countries then tercerización is less of an issue. We can support them in applying for a Mercosur visa which is a straightforward process that will then allow them to work in Ecuador (or any of the other Mercosur countries). We can then pay them in their home country where they take care of the appropriate taxes. You can also invoice your client from your country of origin.

If the contractor is not from one of the Mercosur countries, this is where the tercerización issue comes into play. They would need a work permit and a local sponsor. They also would need to pay their taxes and social security costs in Ecuador. There would also be a tax for the contractor when they are taking their money out of Ecuador. We can provide a solution for this and give you guidance on the best ways to stay compliant.


So, if you are holding back on bidding for international projects because you are worried about being able to mobilise your workforce, you are worrying unnecessarily. These are just a few examples of solutions we have provided but we are able to support in over 90+ countries globally.

We are already working with UK based companies who are utilising our immigration, payroll, tax, insurance and local compliance services. Our dedicated recruitment team with an extensive network of Renewable Energy candidates are also available to help supplement your existing teams with local staff if required.  

If you have a specific location that you are looking at then get in contact with our team on 01625 537 555 or and we can give you a full breakdown of how we can assist in that country.

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