How To Build A Global Talent Acquisition Strategy After COVID

To say Covid-19 has changed our global talent acquisition strategy would be an understatement. From remote working to digital technologies, the pandemic has shifted many of our working patterns. As we now work towards a post-covid world it's vital that we learn from the pandemic, especially when it comes to building a global talent acquisition strategy. With that in mind, here's our top tips on how to build a successful global talent acquisition strategy after Covid. 

Be agile and flexible 

If Covid has taught us anything it's that the world as we know it can change almost instantly. While restrictions are lifting to varying degrees around the world there is no saying that we are free from Covid. Likewise, we do not know what is around the corner from a global business perspective. Therefore, it pays to remain flexible with your global talent acquisition strategy. But, what does this mean exactly?

Firstly, there's being flexible from a business perspective. From emerging trends and new technologies to changing cultural expectations, the world changes around us every day and your talent acquisition strategy, as well as your broader business strategy, should too if you want to compete in global business landscapes. 

Secondly, there's being flexible from an employer perspective. Remote working brought about by the pandemic has given employees a taste of how flexible working can work and many want it to stay that way. Whether you're offering unlimited holidays, remote working or flexi hours, the more flexible your workplace is, the more likely you are to attract and retain the top talent.

It is this flexibility that will underpin the majority of the following attributes for developing a global talent acquisition strategy. 

Embrace remote working

We may have already touched on remote working as part of your flexible global talent acquisition strategy but this 'new normal' deserves a whole point of its own. 

Remote working has been gradually increasing for international businesses and their employees for many years now. However, Covid-19 accelerated our shift to remote and hybrid working and employees don't want to reverse down that path. Instead, the majority of workers favour a fully remote or hybrid approach to working and it's one of the most sought after benefits that candidates are currently looking for from prospective employers.

Therefore, offering remote or hybrid working for employees is a must of any talent acquisition strategy, let alone a global one. Not only does it give you an edge over competitors and draw in the top talent but it also enables you to hire from anywhere in the world facilitating business growth and establishing you as a top player in your industry. 

Better employee benefits

Employee benefits don't stop at remote working. Whether it's healthcare, paid family leave, shorter working days or weeks, longer holiday entitlement or bonuses, employee benefits can make or break your global talent acquisition strategy. While healthcare may be invaluable in one part of the world, shorter working weeks may have more weight in another. Therefore, it falls back to that same old trope: be flexible. Be prepared to do your research on what employees want in each part of the world and offer benefits accordingly. It's just another way your global talent acquisition strategy can thrive in a post-Covid world and help you secure and retain those high level candidates. 

Have a clear international onboarding process

No matter where in the world you are hiring, a clear international onboarding process is crucial to your global talent acquisition process. Failure to consider international employment laws and best cultural practices could lead to unhappy employees as well as major non-compliance issues. And, while remote working may be an intrinsic part of your talent acquisition strategy, it shouldn't mean an impersonal employee onboarding process. Ensure your latest employee is introduced to the team, brought up to speed with business norms and made to feel like a valuable member of the company, even from afar. Trust us, the time you spend on employee onboarding you will reap in employee retention and high quality work. 

For more advice on what makes a successful onboarding process for international employees read our blog. 

Employ a Trusted PEO Partner

If you feel overwhelmed by the aforementioned tips on establishing a global talent acquisition strategy then don't worry, you certainly won't be alone. Remaining flexible and agile, offering competitive employee benefits all the while complying with international employment laws is challenging and time consuming to say the least, especially when you add in the current changing business landscape due to Covid-19. This is where a PEO comes in. 

A PEO partner can help to facilitate your global talent acquisition strategy all the while ensuring compliance with international employment laws. From facilitating competitive employee benefits and running global payroll regardless of where your employees are based, to helping you navigate ever-changing business laws, a PEO takes all the pressure of a global talent acquisition strategy from your shoulders, leaving you with the benefits. 


You can find out more about our PEO services here. Alternatively, contact us to see how Leap29 can be the global recruitment and PEO partner you can trust.