Can A PEO Help With HR?

The main benefit of a PEO or EOR is to help you expand your business into a new, foreign country without the need to set up a legal entity. But, did you know that PEO provider can also help with HR support. Read on to find out how a PEO can help with HR and support your growing business. 

Can a PEO help with HR?

Yes, as your PEO provider, Leap29 can help with HR and alleviate some of the pressure on your HR team that comes with international expansion. 

How can a PEO help with HR?

Recruiting internationally comes with a whole host of complexities. Having solid, compliant HR processes in place is a vital step to ensuring your new venture runs successfully. A global PEO provider can take the liability of HR from your shoulders, assisting with essential processes. Likewise, if you already have an internal HR team a PEO can alleviate the pressure on them and support them with international HR requirements. Here are just a few ways a PEO can help with HR. 

Recruiting and onboarding employees

International recruitment in a new market can be extremely challenging for businesses. From initial recruitment processes to onboarding employees, businesses have to worry about complying with international business laws and ensuring smooth, well-structured international recruitment processes. While the overall hiring decisions remain with you, our PEO team can support with the logistics and administration that comes with recruitment and onboarding. This means you benefit from full compliance, time saving benefits and happy, supported employees. 

You can find out more about how recruitment support and PEO services work together at Leap29 in our previous blog.

Payroll management

Navigating international payroll legislation is yet another hurdle for expanding businesses. Including tax, National Insurance and different pay cycles, running payroll on a global scale can become an incredibly time-consuming and complex process, while non-compliance can result in substantial fines.

Partnering with a PEO company like Leap29 takes all of this from your shoulders. Whether we run payroll for one employee or a whole international team, you can rest assured that your international payroll is handled in a timely and compliant manner. Meanwhile, your internal teams can still keep responsibility for their usual payroll runs or outsource them, the choice is yours with our tailored payroll solutions.

Benefits administration

In competitive, global marketplaces employee satisfaction and retention is the key to success. However, as a new, perhaps unknown, business in these markets sourcing and providing these benefits can be a challenge. As your PEO provider with an established presence in a plethora of countries worldwide, we can help you source both legal and optional employee benefits. Legal benefits cover things like holiday entitlement and pensions that vary vastly from country to country. Meanwhile, optional benefits can include things like healthcare, life insurance and retirement packages. Both of these benefits packages help you to retain employees and ensure employee satisfaction wherever in the world you choose to do business.

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A PEO offers a host of benefits to expanding businesses, HR support being just one of them. To find out how a PEO can support your business with its global expansion, contact us today.