Combining Recruitment and PEO Services

If you are considering expanding your company into a new, foreign market then you may have considered using a PEO or EOR provider. While the main benefit of using a PEO is to allow you to expand internationally without needing a legal entity, there are an array of other benefits to using a PEO, one of which is help with recruitment. Read on to see how our PEO services work in unison with our global recruitment solutions.

Can a PEO help with recruitment?

First things first, can a PEO help with your global recruitment? At Leap29 we are a global recruitment company that also specialise in PEO services. That means we can help you acquire the top talent wherever your business is looking to expand. 

How can a PEO help with recruitment?

Recruitment is more often than not a challenge for businesses. Add in recruiting in a foreign country and recruitment can be even more difficult. Thankfully, an experienced PEO provider can help in more ways than you may think with international recruitment. 

Finding the top talent

When you expand your business into a new market, you want to know you have the top talent running your new team. However, as a new, unestablished business it can be hard to attract the top talent to your business as opposed to a more established, successful competitor. Likewise, while you may have a successful recruitment solution in your home country, global recruitment comes with its own obstacles and processes that can be daunting if you are unfamiliar with them, again making finding your dream team more challenging. 

At Leap29 we have over 20 years of experience in recruitment in which we have built up a comprehensive search and recruitment approach to ensure you make the right hire for your business, whether that's one employee or a full team. Meanwhile, our 7 global offices provide us with an established, global position to help you recruit anywhere in the world. 

We can integrate our tailored recruitment solutions with our PEO services to give you an all-round solution to your global expansion. 

Navigating foreign employment laws

As we've already discussed, international employment comes with its own obstacles and processes. One of the most challenging expanding businesses face is the different employment laws for each country and even each region within said countries.

From employment contracts to work visas, working hours to holiday entitlement, each country comes with its own set of employment laws. The only thing that doesn't differ is that these must be adhered to and, that consequences can be strict if you fail to comply with penalties ranging from fines to business suspensions. As your PEO provider, we can ensure that all employment laws are complied with during your global recruitment process, so you can focus on developing your business with your growing team. 

Onboarding new employees

Last but certainly not least, a PEO can help with the employee onboarding aspect of your recruitment process. 

Again, while you may have an existing onboarding strategy for your employees, this can be vastly different for international employees. From cultural differences to the aforementioned employment laws, there are a lot of boxes that need to be ticked when onboarding an international employee. Not to mention that it can be incredibly daunting for a new employee or team to get set up and settled in away from the already established head office. By having a tailored international onboarding process, you can ensure your new employees receive an appropriate welcome and a smooth transition into your new, global team. 

Our recruitment and PEO experts can take care of this initial onboarding to help you establish a secure, thriving international team.

Want to find out more about how Leap29 can be the ideal recruitment and PEO solution for your business? Find out more about our PEO services here. Alternatively, contact us to see how Leap29 can be the global recruitment and PEO partner you can trust.