Competency Based Interviewing

Competency based interviewing is a style that the majority of current employers have adapted and utilized as part of their recruitment process. Why is this so beneficial? Why is it used? How does it...

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Interview Tips For Graduates

First Impressions Count It is estimated that around 75% of interviews fail within the first few minutes of you entering the room. Poor body language, lack of eye contact and a weak handshake are...

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Alternative CV: Pros & Cons

Alternative CV is very much a niche and bespoke CV that enables a candidate to demonstrate their creative skills. This is achieved by either using clever wording or an eye catching formats.  In...

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Whats the right CV for you

CV Writing Tips: What's the Right CV for You?

The first thing a future potential employer/recruiter gets to see about us. So it’s got to be good right? Or at least selling you in the best way. Can we all say that?  I think it’s...

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Interview Questions - Part 3

Interview Questions You May Be Asked In this three part series we are going to take a look at some possible interview questions that you may be asked. Before attending an interview you should think...

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How To Be The Only Name On The Hiring List

Before you enter the interview room, you are just another name on the list. Make sure by the time you come out, yours is the only name on it.  Part two of our interview special feature looks...

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80% Of All Communication is Non-Verbal

Human beings don't communicate with 'just words' - we use body language and tone. The 'right words' can turn into insult depending on the body language and vocal tone used!...

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Interview Tips- How to Prepare, What to Prepare- S

Seems to be a repetitive saying "make sure you prepare for your interview" These sayings seem to be very old hat but couldn't be more true! I believe a lot of unsuccessful interviews...

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How to explain your weaknesses

Interview Tips: How to Explain Your Weaknesses

I think most people struggle with this question as they feel it will impact negatively on them. Or they feel it is easier to say "I haven't got any weaknesses!" However this...

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