How We Can Provide a Multi-Country Payroll Solution

When looking to expand your business internationally, it’s evident that there are a number of complex processes which must be completed in order to expand successfully. Alongside numerous aspects of global business expansion, such as international recruitment, sourcing correct and compliant work permits and visas, creating employment contracts and more, payroll is often a challenging hurdle for global businesses to overcome.

Understandably, payroll requirements and regulations vary from country to country, which can make the process even more arduous to coordinate. For companies planning on hiring and expanding overseas in multiple locations, it is essential that your payroll solution ensures absolute compliance with the relevant legislation of said location.

At Leap29, we leverage our unique position as a full-service expansion, payroll and recruitment partner, with extensive experience in a variety of industries and sectors, including manufacturing, construction and engineering, life science and pharmaceutical, technology, power and renewable energy, oil and gas and more. It is our wealth of experience and expertise which allows us to provide an efficient and streamlined multi-country payroll solution, supporting the growth of your business. Read on to learn more about our expansion and payroll services. 

An Overview of Our Global Employment Services

Specialising in various areas of global expansion, our expert teams here at Leap29 can offer your company seamless solutions to your international growth plans, each tailored to suit your business needs. We’ve listed some key services which we provide below, including but not limited to:

With such a diverse offering of services, we’re sure that we can help you drive your international business goals effectively and compliantly, enabling you to spend more time focusing on other important aspects of company growth.

About Our Multi-Country Payroll Solutions 

Multi-country payroll solutions are designed to streamline the payroll process, no matter which countries your employees are based in and all whilst ensuring your compliance with country-specific payroll regulations. Attempting to coordinate this singlehandedly in-house can be extremely daunting, time-consuming and also requires a significant amount of ongoing company resources. 

By outsourcing your payroll solutions to an external and specialist payroll provider like ourselves, we can provide you with an approach which combines best-in-class customisable technology, with personalised industry expertise to further streamline your payroll processes. 

Our Multi-Country Payroll Solution Models 

At Leap29, we offer different straightforward payroll solutions to suit your business requirements, empowering you to find a solution which fits, including both a software-only model as well as a full-service model also. 

Software-Only Model

Our seamless software-only model leverages the latest technology to integrate into your global expansion plans. This model is configured in two parts: LeapForward Portal Integration and the Business Intelligence (BI) module.

The LeapForward Portal Integration includes the integration with local HR systems, Finance systems and local payroll software.

The LeapForward portal, streamlined payroll changes such as bank details, attendance and bonuses making payroll change data reviews simple.

The Business Intelligence (BI) Module uses real-time payroll data for easy monitoring and reporting and offers user-friendly dashboards for quick insights.

Your own team can then easily manage all of the change data reports, calculate changes easily and report statutory requirements to the relevant authorities.

Full-Service Model 

By comparison, our full-service payroll model guarantees a hands-on approach, with an important personal touch. Our three-tier support system has been designed to provide comprehensive assistance at different levels: 

  1. Client Director - oversees the entire client relationship, has direct contact with the global HR leader and is focused on strategic alignment and high-level decision making. 

  2. Global Payroll Manager - manages day-to-day operations, coordinates with global HR managers and is focused on operational efficiency and process optimisation. 

  3. Local HR and Payroll Specialist - addresses local concerns and nuances, has direct engagement with local business and staff and ensures compliance with local needs. 

The Leap29 team take care of onboarding and offboarding, change data management, integrations to other software packages and all labour and tax authority handling, giving you the time to focus on your core activities.

Benefits of our Global Expansion Platform

Though each business may be more inclined to opt for one model over another, there are several overarching benefits to using our global expansion platform, LeapForward, including:

  • Full Oversight: Complete control of employment costs globally.

  • Real-Time Reporting: Instant access to data in an easy-to-understand format.

  • Efficient Turnaround: Swift processing of salary and payroll changes.

By working alongside a full-service HR and global expansion company like Leap29, you’ll have access to flexible, agile and scalable payroll solutions which can help your business thrive. Not only this, but it will allow you to devote more time to other areas of your business which require attention. 

Why Choose Leap29 For Your Multi-Country Payroll Solution?

Navigating payroll for numerous employees in various locations is an extensive task, laden with risk if not dealt with compliantly.

Our expert team at Leap29 has over 24 years of experience dealing with international expansion, is currently operational in 83 countries (and growing), has a full suite of HR and EOR services (with leading professionals in their respective fields) and best in class technology.

We’re ready to support your international growth - for more information about how your business could benefit from our multi-country payroll solution, get in touch with us today.