Top 5 Reasons to Live in the Netherlands

Ever considered moving to the Netherlands? In this blog we are looking at the top 5 reasons why people move to the Netherlands from the incredible work-life balance to their progressive city transport.

1.      The Work Life Balance

In the Netherlands they understand that having a good balance between work life and home life is hugely important and have one of the lowest working hours in Europe. A lot of businesses also offer flexibility on start and finish times to suit their employees. And if that wasn’t enough, the average holiday allowance is 20 days per year which is one of the best in Europe.

2.      Career Opportunities for Expats

The Netherlands offers many attractive schemes and opportunities for international businesses and professionals. Firstly the 30% ruling, which is a tax scheme that encourages people and businesses to move to the Netherlands. Through this scheme only 70% of your earnings will be taxed resulting in the final 30% of your earnings being tax free.

Secondly, if you’re an EU national and you find a great opportunity in the Netherlands, you don’t need a work permit, which means you can start working pretty much straight away!  

3.      Friendliness of the People

The Dutch people are very welcoming to people from all areas and backgrounds. It’s a very warming place and it’s very easy to strike up conversation with the local people. Dutch people are always happy to see new faces, and this is why The Netherlands ranks among the top 5 countries for people to start new careers in.

4.      Transport around the Cities

As most people are aware people in Netherlands love to cycle! Not only is it great for the environment it’s also a very quick and easy method to get around the cities. Very similar to other major metropolises, they offer a bike rental scheme to encourage people to cycle, so if you’re a keen cyclist or just enjoy the thought of cycling to work, then maybe the Netherlands is for you.

Other good methods of transport within the Netherlands are the trains, they are a quick, affordable, and trustworthy services across the country.

5.      The Languages

If you want to challenge yourself to learn a new language, then the Dutch language is a fantastic opportunity to do this. It has some similar characterises to English, so can be a lot easier than many other languages. Furthermore, nearly everywhere in the Netherlands speaks English, so even if learning a language isn’t for you, then The Netherlands can still be a great place to live.

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