Celebrating 21 Years of Leap29

To celebrate our 21st anniversary of Leap29, our team are sharing some of the key lessons they have learnt over the years.

“Over the years I have learnt – To listen to other people’s ideas, often they better than your own. Also, there is only 2 things that really matter in business – your colleagues and your customers.  Look after them well and you will have a long and successful journey.”  Nathan Ward, Managing Director

“Learn how to pivot!  Whether oil crash, economic recession or global pandemic, being malleable is key to longevity.”  Ricci Sethi, Managing Consultant

“I’ve learnt that your attitude determines your success at Leap29, I’ve made friends for life and most importantly I have learnt to laugh at Nathan’s dad jokes!”  Andrea Mason, HR and Acquisition Manager.

“We have learned that recruitment is like picking up a handful sand. You start with loads, but a lot will slip through your fingers.  Be happy with what is left in your palm.” Rob Day, Account Manager and Ben Harden, Global Operations Manager

“Having a company that promotes wellbeing, inclusion and fun………. makes you want to give 100% every day.”  Simon Calvert, Business Development Manager

“A clean kitchen makes a happy office!”  Beverley Grace, Financial Controller

“The importance of always looking for ways to learn and improve. It is a little cheesy, but if you are constantly learning, you will have career satisfaction and help build yourself into a better person.”  Leanne Gilson-McGrath, Marketing Manager

“Smooth seas do not make good sailors. Recessions suck, and usually happen every 7 years. Weather you think you can, or you think you can’t your probably right. If it was easy everyone would be doing it. Send the email to yourself before replying. I’d rather be lucky than good. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. You can never have too many metaphors or cliches.”   Simon Duff, Global Operations Manager


Posted by Leanne Gilson-McGrath

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