You've Won, Now Can You Deliver?

We have identified a trend of an increasing number of non-domicile companies bidding and winning technical engineering projects. Often the client makes this decision based on the bidders unrivaled technical expertise and track record of similar project despite their lack of local presence.

These businesses are often providing more competitive bids due to their flexible workforce, by operating with a lean staff team and complementing that core with an experienced and trusted contractor workforce.

A typical industry trend for project orientated organizations is a 65% permanent core team supplemented by a 35% flexible workforce that can be increased or decreased according to workload.

Once a project is awarded the organization will usually establish a project office and then begin to encounter a number of workforce challenges including:

Immigration and Taxation Compliance

Albert Einstein was certainly ahead of his time with this quote…and had not even taken in to consideration the complex immigration and labour laws we face today!

Increasing scrutiny of the utilization of Limited or sole traders style setups throughout Europe combined with immigration requirements have created a complex landscape for contractors and client alike.

The threat of labour inspections and heavy fines are increasingly prominent, with a number of high profile cases in recent years.

Leap29 have been compliance audited in 89 countries and have comprehensive tested immigration and payroll services in place.

This protects our clients and contractors from unexpected tax bills and prosecution under chain law and ensures maximum retention for the contractor.

Workforce Language Issues

The language aspect becomes crucial in two main areas:

Dealing with local subcontractors; while the project language at white collar level may well be English this policy is unlikely to filter down completely across the site. It is increasingly crucial that key site personnel (HSE, Construction Management and Site Management) are able to coordinate activities and communicate effectively with all personnel on site.

Contract administration: During contract negotiation, claim management and dispute resolution; communication in the counterpart’s local language can be crucial to achieving objectives. Local Contracts management and quantity surveyors can make a huge difference leading too successful, efficient and profitable project delivery.

Leap29 have a global contractor network, with our consultants having regional and sector specific focus. 80% of our client base are international organisations and so our team have an understanding of the type of personnel that will complement an international project team.

The benefit for our clients is that we attract an internationally minded workforce, as we are renowned in the industry for having a wide variety of project assignments across the globe. These contractors are equally interested when approached about projects in their native countries, however, are often not on the radar of local agencies.

Local Knowledge

For an international workforce joining the project they will face a number of localization issues such as local registration, accommodation, healthcare and transport

Leap29 have a mobilization guide for each international location that provides an overview of key considerations that need to be made. Our dedicated mobilization team will ensure the contractor is advised pre-contract sign on cost and administrative matters of securing accommodation, healthcare and transport and guide them through the process.

How Leap29 Can Help?

Leap29 have been providing global workforce management services for over 16 years’ which have been successfully utilized by a number of international clients across our core industries.  

Our talent network, combined with our QA/QC processes and global mobility services offer an unrivaled, holistic and bespoke workforce management and recruitment service.

If you would like to discuss your workforce management requirements, please feel free to send me a message and connect with me for a confidential and informal consultation.

Simon is Leap29’s Global Contract Manager and has 8 years’ experience in implementing international workforce management solutions.

Posted by Simon Duff

Simon holds a BA in Advertising and Brand Management and has been with Leap29 since 2008. He is currently Contract Operations Manager and is responsible for Leap29's freelance team, providing a range of mobilization, payroll and recruitment services. Simon’s team operate in over 70 countries across the Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing industries.

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