Not All Recruiters Are Created Equal

The job market is a technical, fast-paced industry. The necessary skills for career development are constantly changing. With new technology, companies are hard-pressed to find talent and as a result, organizations turn to specialist recruitment consultants like Leap29 to fill the project critical positions.

Having a quality recruitment consultant on your side can be invaluable, however, not all recruiters are created equal – Here are some points to consider;

Take the Call

It's always wise to take that initial call from a recruiter. They just want a yes or a no on the initial outreach so they can get candidates together quickly.

For candidates, it's good practice to respond to the initial contact. It’s an opportunity to use the call to ascertain as to whether they may be a recruiter you would want to work with in the future if not for this role specifically.

Where Did You Find Me?

This could tell you if your CV is getting desired attention, or who to thank for the referral - which might lead to further networking.  

Recruiters reach out to candidates in a number of ways, more prominently in 2016 via soical and business networking sites. If your currently looking for work or interested in exploring potential opportunities, having a robust social media presence is a must!

Why Did You Choose Me?

Finding out why a recruiter chose to contact you is an important question because often it can expose an unscrupulous recruitment consultan.

If you're on the receiving end and wondering, 'Why did they contact me about this role; it has nothing to do with my background?' chances are you they have not done enough background research and are in fact a lazy recruiter. It is our job to find out your career goals, interests and desires for when it comes to looking for a new position. 

Why Is the Company Hiring?

Is this a new or existing position? Knowing why the company is putting someone on the payroll can help define your interview preparation.

How Many People Have You Placed with This Company?

Most people use recruiters because they think their relationship with a given company will get them an interview.

You should always ask if the recruiter has worked on behalf of the company in the past and if they had success placing a candidate. You will be better informed about the culture and the interview process.

Regular Follow-ups

No one likes the cold shoulder, so request weekly updates from the recruiter while your resume is being reviewed, even in the case where there is no news to deliver.

After speaking with a recruiter a few times, you will get a better feel for their level of knowledge, how they communicate and how helpful they will be.

Remember not all recruiters are created equal, so be selective.

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